If you can't get out - or find it easier to train indoors during the week, you can also join the SFA virtual riding group.

There are two groups - one using Zwift for informal group rides, and one that doesn't require Zwift, and which is run by a member of the SFA training team.

For the Zwift ride group, we use the 'keep the group together' function so that riders of all abilities can stick together. We ride at 6.30pm on a Thursday evening, and 10am on a Saturday if enough riders want to do it (usually if the weather is bad, or covid rules restrict group riding outdoors). For the training ride, this is at 10am on a Saturday, again, if enough riders want to do it (so usually in the winter months).

For details of how to join these groups, see the forum pages. 

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Matthew Gregory and Natalie Ceeney (Zwift)
Tony Richardson (Virtual Training)

Zwift: Nat Ceeney (SFA) / Matthew Gregory (with the Slovenian flag)


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