San Fairy Ann Sportive 2021 - Photos

We hope you spotted the photographers out on Sunday! We had an official photographer and our very own SFACC volunteers too. The fabulous weather made for some wonderful pictures.

For the official photos, get them here.

Photos are £3.50 for a low-res copy, and £9 for high res.

Our volunteers also took photos, which you can get here.

We are not looking to make money for ourselves, but we would recommend a £5 donation to the Air Ambulance Service. To donate, please use PayPal using the email address ‘’ and write: “Air Ambulance Donation”in the description. We will forward all proceeds to the Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance Service.You can get to PayPal through this  LINK or use your usual account.


Choose your photo, open it and, in the top right corner, press the to open the info. There you will find the file name, e.g. DSC_XXX.jpg. Send this in an email to: and she will send you the hi-res photo(s).

Formed in 1922, San Fairy Ann Cycling Club is based in central Kent and is one of the longest serving clubs catering for cyclists of all ages and levels. If racing or a clubrun is what you are looking for then come and visit us and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Club Update - 23rd May 

Spring is in the air, Kent is full of daffodils and tulips, and club cycling has resumed!

Club Rides

British Cycling affiliated rides can ride in any size group. We can meet in our group size, but are still limited to groups of 6 indoors though when we stop for coffee. We are leaving it up to ride coordinators to decide with your group how to best organise yourselves.

Sportives and audaxes

Our Sportive (on 13th June) and the Fairies Flat Audax series (11th July) are set to run - see the events page for details. It will be fantastic to be able to ride together again across the glorious Kent countryside. Please do register - numbers are growing fast and we have limits on numbers. 

Club Kit update

We’ve just completed an extensive exercise of asking over 30 club clothing kit manufacturers to pitch their wares. As a result, we will shortly be switching our kit supply to Primal. The advantages include better quality, consistent sizing (most of us probably have a Primal jersey in our locker to check what fits... or check out sizing online), and the ability to order and have delivered directly. Our new club kit store is accessible through our website or through Primal.

And, more exciting still, we will also be bringing out a centenary jersey - modelled on our retro jerseys of old, but not in itchy fabrics! This new retro jersey (available in short and long sleeves) will also be made by Primal, and their design team are mocking up options for us to consider. We’ll be launching it soon, ready for our 2022 club centenary.

Time trialling

We have started our 12 weeks of time-trialling on Wednesday evenings from 12th May. Included in the planned programme are 8 mile distances as well as the normal 10 miles, as they’ve previously proved popular with novice time triallers. As always, we are dependent on volunteers, so if you’re up for helping out or marshalling please tick the relevant box on your website profile (or contact to volunteer.  Do give Time Trialling a try - you don't need to be fast, or have a TT bike.

Road racing

We are dependent on more guidance before we can start mass racing, given how many people meet at once. However, as soon as we are allowed, we will start organising racing. The racing team Thursday night training session has now started again.

Encouraging new members to try out club cycling.

We have also started ’try it out’ rides for new joiners who aren’t sure what group to join, or who want to get a taste of club cycling. We will run these the last Sunday of every month, 10am from Marden Library car park - with the next on 30th May. We hope this will help new riders get comfortable with club cycling and get good advice on which group might be right for them, at all levels. Do encourage friends or family who might be slower or more nervous than you to give it a go.

In the meantime, please stay safe - and keep cycling!   

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