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Formed in 1922, San Fairy Ann Cycling Club is based in central Kent and is one of the longest serving clubs catering for cyclists of all ages and levels. If racing or a clubrun is what you are looking for then come and visit us and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

New Law From Today 14th September 2020

Regarding Meeting Up and Gathering

From the 14th of September 2020, a new law has been introduced which prohibits the meeting up or gathering of more than 6 persons, either indoors or outdoors, with certain exceptions in England.
In essence this does not affect the Club’s and British Cycling insurance policies, as we have been conforming to the guidelines for some time by restricting riding groups to a maximum of 6 persons.
However, although not defined, “Meeting Up and Gathering” would almost certainly be construed as against the law if more than 6 persons assemble prior to the ride, however briefly, and at cafe stops and dispersal after the ride.

For some groups that only attract small numbers, thankfully, it may have a limited impact, but for the larger groups it will be much more challenging to organise rides within the new law.

Therefore, in order to try to comply, it is essential that all members wishing to go on a ride book in advance with the respective coordinator via their information mediums. Each coordinator will undoubtably have their own views as to what is the most appropriate way of conforming with the new law, and is a matter for them depending on a group size and desire to continue group riding with the obligation of the restrictions.

Prebooking will assist with organising possible “Bubble Groups”, the need for additional leaders if required, and act towards the Government’s track and trace system.

Although I believe that it has been introduced nationally to prevent much larger group association, the law requires compliance by any number exceeding the maximum permitted and, as a well respected cycling club, we must comply until it is no longer law and restrictions are lifted. 

The last thing that we want to see is a more prohibitive lockdown due to the irresponsibility of a few.

On behalf of the board,
Richard Valentine
Club Rides Secretary.

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