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Formed in 1922, San Fairy Ann Cycling Club is based in central Kent and is one of the longest serving clubs catering for cyclists of all ages and levels. If racing or a clubrun is what you are looking for then come and visit us and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Covid 19 Update on Cycling - 27th November 2020

The national lockdown ends next week - at midnight on Wednesday 2nd (i.e. at the start of Wednesday, so Wednesday itself is under the post-lockdown rules). However, we are still waiting for the guidance from British Cycling/ Sport England on exactly what is allowed by tier. This note therefore represents our best understanding at this point, but we will update you when we hear more.
First, we know that all of Kent is Tier 3. That means that cafés and restaurants can only offer takeaway service. We also know that some parts of Kent have high Covid rates, so we need to be careful in mixing. 
However, the government guidance appears to allow outdoor activity in the rule of 6, i.e. as before the lockdown, in all tiers. We therefore believe that club riding is likely to be able to resume from next Wednesday, but with all the safety precautions we are now used to. 
We understand that not everyone will want to resume club cycling because of their health, their concerns or personal circumstances. It isn’t a guaranteed infection free form of exercise. However, many of us will, and our ride coordinators are willing to resume club runs if we are all committed to be careful.  Club runs will, of course, be covered by club insurance. So, if club runs ARE allowed under the rules, please get in touch with your group in the way you were before this lockdown to agree how to meet up and ride safely, in groups of 6 or less.
To break the route of transmission and lower the now legendary ‘R number’ please remember the following control measures…
  • Do not ride if you are unwell or have been told to self-isolate 
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water or use sanitiser.
  • Maintain social distance of 2m with those from outside your own household, and try to stay this far apart even when cycling
We will continue to do what we can to support you in these challenging times.
Stay safe and stay active. 

The Board.

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