Saturday 7th March Lenham to Faversham Quay

08/03/2020 20:28 | Anonymous member

Surprisingly, we have been cursed with very few punctures in the last two months. Testing our luck, we have ridden down too many lanes full of debris, including sharp flint, on climbs and slopes, which needed great care. Equally, crossing over river flood plains, the flat lanes often contained many puddles, with camouflaged potholes, and also some small lakes.

During this very wet winter, we have been most fortunate on the mechanical score, on one hand, riding through the quiet back lanes, however; these challenges have invariably reduced us to a crawl sometimes and damp feet! Ram Lane, a typical example, through Little Chart Forstal, is picturesque during clement weather; however, on this ride it was more like a soggy assault course with tyres crunching through the wet gravel. Thankfully, drier weather is on its way (hopefully).

Distance of 47.25 miles at 12.8 mph with elevation gain of 2,885 feet.

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