B+ ride report 22/02/20

23/02/2020 11:50 | Anonymous

Mark Eyres and Steve Medhurst decided to join our regulars in Marden to make a compact group of 8 to take on the weather today. We decided to keep to the planned distance, despite the high winds, as we were sure to get a tail wind at some stage. It turned out to be wishful thinking in the end…

At Lilly’s Café (or Caff) the wind was still in full force, so inside dining was the only option. Arriving a little earlier than 12 (by design), the place was almost empty.

The return journey was much more eventful. With much improved weather, the sunshine and a cooling breeze helped with the ascent north towards Benenden. Then the scariest thing happened. A car raced around a bend ahead to almost take out the three amigos, namely Pete, Richard and Adrian who were waiting for the rest of us to catch up. A loud screech of rubber on tarmac, finally stopping inches (yes inches) from them…
Continuing onward, the wind picked up again, head-on from Headcorn back to Marden, keeping our average down. The stats were 40 miles total at only 12.9mph average, and 677m of climb. I enjoyed the ride and the company!

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