Cycle Training - Fundamentals

  • 23/05/2022
  • 18:30 - 20:30
  • Depending upon participants' locations
  • 2



Want to be a safer, more confident cyclist on public roads?

San Fairy Ann CC member Tony Palmer, is offering to help improve road cycling safety by running a 2 hours, practical training session aimed at club members. This "fundamentals" training session will have no more than 3 participants at a time, to make it useful and targeted to participants. The course curriculum is designed specifically for the needs of regular, or cyclists wishing to become, members of SFA Cycling Club, which is based upon the National Standard for Cycling Training.  

Course participants will learn how to:

  • Make frequent and good observations and to improve their visibility to other road users;
  • Communicate effectively to other road users;
  • Adopt the most appropriate road position for varying contexts; and
  • Ensure compliance with the road priorities as described in the Highway Code

Tony is also planning to offer an advanced cycling training session later in the year (depending on demand) which involves cycling in multi-laned roads and complex junctions. However, doing this first course, called the "fundamental session" is required in order to register on the more advanced course.

The course will take about 2 hours, and be held on a weekday evening, ideally close to where the participants live. There will be a limit of three riders per session. The cost is just £10, to cover Tony's own costs of insurance and travel etc. Just book below!

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