KCA Reliability Trial 2021

  • 31/10/2021
  • 08:00
  • You can start anywhere on the course in addition to the traditional start points of Collier Street or Potters Corner A20



The KCA will be hosting this competition between Kent clubs again this year for the ROOTES TROPHY, marking the traditional end of the cycling competition season. It is both a challenge and fun. We generally ride in familiar groups of about 12 riders each group, to ride either 50km within 3 hours, 100km within 5 hours or 100 miles within 7 hours. An achieved time would earn our club 1, 2 or 4 points respectively. No points for being late unfortunately.

We are not custodians of the Rootes Trophy at the moment, so it would be nice to once again to win it back! This would mean as many riders as possible to take part, especially to ride the 100km or 100 mile routes.

A chance for SFA cyclists to compete against other Kent clubs – not in a race, but in a test of numbers. How many club cyclists from each club can get around the route within a fixed time? The most points win. SFA has a good track record in past years!

Usually a great finale to the outdoor cycling season.

Please put this important date in your diary NOW!

Event Website is here: https://sites.google.com/view/kcareliabilitytrial/home

No checking in point….  Rather than having a staffed start and finish, clubs will self-verify their riders. We will collect details from each rider after they finish about their distance ridden and time taken. This stops us needing a staffed check-in point, and gives riders a lot more flexibility about start points and times.

To verify riders we plan to use Strava, with verification from leaders of each group for those who aren't on Strava. We know that not everyone has Strava, but we will need to ensure that at least one person from each riding group does. So we’d be really grateful if as many riders as possible can join the SFACC Strava club  and the KCA Strava Club  as it will make counting the results a huge amount easier for us, and stop any questions about our integrity if we win! Anyone not using Strava will need their ride leader’s confirmation of their time, and telling us who the Strava user was in their group. If you use Strava, and if your Strava name bears some resemblance to your SFACC registration name (!), we won't need to chase you for your times and distances.

For people not used to Strava, you don’t have to have a bike computer to use it, and there is a free version. But you do need a smart phone, and you turn on Strava at the start of the ride, set it to ‘go’ and then turn it off at the end.

Start anywhere on the route, from 8am - 10am. As it’s about completing the ride, it shouldn’t matter where you start from. So you can start anywhere on the route, and finish at the same point. All riders should start at some time between 8am and 10am. We hope that most club run groups will ride as a group, but we will match up SFACC riders who aren’t part of a group (unless you want to ride solo) so long as you register a week in advance. Apparently  parking at Claygate is a bit challenging, so it might be worth avoiding that.

A much safer and nicer route. We’ve also taken the opportunity to significantly improve the route. The old route was dominated by main roads, so we’ve agreed a better route which takes us to the same places but on less busy roads. The link to the Garmin Connect versions is below, and also on Ride with GPS on the
RT website. The distances and times to complete the course are the same. We think this will make for a much nicer and safer ride. The route is going through some final small tweaks (we are riding it to iron out any poor junctions), so please download it as a final version nearer the time.

You still need to register in advance. We still need riders to register in advance, but with these new arrangements you can register right up to the deadline. You can also change the distance you want to ride up until the day too.

Entry fees will go to charity. And finally, we’ve agreed to keep collecting the £3.75, but will pool all of the fees collected and give them to charity. A benefit of lower admin costs. We intend to give the money raised to our chosen charity - the Air Ambulance Service based in Kent.

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