Reports submitted by the D+ Group ride leaders. 

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  • 27/11/2021 17:18 | Anonymous member

    As the weather forecast was not good, it was surprising that 8 opted to join Tony’s lead at Wrotham. Setting off into the wind and drizzle,the route went out via Borough Green to West Malling and then along the river towpath into Maidstone from East Farleigh. A new coffee stop at the Riviera cafe in Maidstone High Street,where Heather met us and Sally then joined for the return . Tony’ s route subsequently carried on along the river towpath again to Aylesford and off road section to Wouldham. At Birling ,Sally had the only puncture of the ride, then it was back to Wrotham via Trottiscliffe.A distance of 33 miles at about 12 mph average. Mandy then carried on her ride home to Paddock Wood.

  • 20/11/2021 16:52 | Anonymous member

    Lee stepped up to take his first lead from Marden,with a group of 14 on a chilly dry day. Setting off at a brisk pace with 2 bubbles,the route  took a really looping way to Headcorn Aerodrome via a few lumps around the Brenchley and Horsmonden areas ,and after 25 miles reached the break.  It was getting colder, but everyone was able still to sit outside. Lee took a flatter way returning ,and continued to stay on various country lanes all the way  back to Marden. A distance of 40 miles at 13 mph and 1800 ft ascents.

  • 06/11/2021 15:40 | Anonymous member

    A large turnout of 17, with a predominance of lady riders, assembled at Mote Park on a dry dull morning, including new riders Sally and John M. John Caves had organised and previously recce’d the route with Sarah,informing of possible road closures. He then led a bubble, whilst Heather and Richard V led the others at intervals. A really nice way out to Headcorn aerodrome ,via Kingswood,Platts Heath and Egerton,made longer for Heather’s group as her Garmin kept corrupting and sending them off course sometimes. However,all 3 groups met up at the break,at different times for a chat. John’s return route was equally quiet ,using country lanes,and the only slight slog was going up Weirton Hill,to Boughton Monchelsea before the estate roads back to the park. A distance of 34 miles,but about 40 for Heather and her group at about 12 mph average.

  • 23/10/2021 19:54 | Anonymous member

    A great gathering of 21 at Hothfield Common Car Park,on a dull but dry morning. Russell had planned a route to Folkestone,and with such numbers, he led one group,whilst Richard and Gary led the other 2. He chose a lovely  way out ,using quiet country roads south of Ashford. On reaching Cheesemans Green, the road was completely barriered off,which threw the GPS route off course, and a bit of head scratching to find an unsigned diversion.Eventually ,it was back to the proper route to Aldington and Lympne,before the lovely  descent into Hythe,and along a completely wind free esplanade to the break at a couple of out door cafes on the Harbour Arm at Folkestone.How nice is was to ride in the marsh and not to be buffeted by strong winds.  Russell chose a flatter route back,along the path of the Royal Military Canal to Bilsington and Shadoxhurst,then to the finish .Thankyou Tony for also assisting with a return lead.A distance of 52.2 miles at about 12.3 mph average.

  • 16/10/2021 16:07 | Anonymous member

    Trevor offered to take his first lead of the D + Group,from The Weald of Kent Golf Club,near Headcorn.which he said included Hunton Hill,so understandably only 5 others decided to go with him,on a chilly ,dull morning. He chose a lovely quiet country Laned route out to Teapot Island cafe,Yalding,via Sinkhurst Green before the puff of  the Hill, and the nice descent to the break,where Tony joined the group. On the way back,Trevor’s Garmin started to play up,so Russell took the lead,on a nice flat ride  via Staplehurst,where a mad white van driver,decided to overtake the group and cars,by screaming through a roundabout on the wrong side.Fortunately Russell  the lead had not completed the roundabout,but it was still disconcerting. It was then onto the finish without further incident. A distance of 32.6 miles,1161 ft ascents and 13.2 mph average.

  • 10/10/2021 21:29 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Another great turnout across the D Groups. 8 for D+ and 9 for D leading out on the same route to Peters Village. The Ds crossing the bridge and Russell leading the D+ to Rochester, Strood and Upnor following NCR 1 to Shorne Woods Country Park for our break. Nervous talk of the return route with its Kent top 10 climb of Lockyer's. A picturesque route marred only by the thought of the 25% climb ahead. Julie Colver earning her QoM on the climb. Well done Julie. A great descent of Holly Hill took us back to Snodland, Leybourne Lakes and a challenge to escape the confines of the Aylesford Newsprint site to get us back to the start shortly after the Ds. 32 miles, average 11 mph with 1800 feet of ascent. 

  • 25/09/2021 20:34 | Anonymous member

    Two different rides went off from Barming ,one led by Julie and Jo with a group of 9 that did a longer distance of about 38 miles for a stop at Dunorlan Park,Tunbridge Wells. Mark described it as “ Planned by ladies,led by ladies,and mostly ridden by ladies,and it was really good “ .Gary Then took a group of 8 and headed for a shorter ride of 27 miles to Paddock Wood,stopping at  Top Nosh cafe,on the Transfesa business estate, a great hit for those unaware of it’s culninary delights. Both rides were without incident and enjoyed by all.

  • 18/09/2021 17:28 | Anonymous member

    12 set off from Marden on a gorgeous late summers day. Group of 5 led by Trevor Baker and 7 led by Russell Chidwick.  2 had to drop out of Russells group en route to the Footprints Cafe at the Singleton Environment Centre and for the return trip, all 10 rode together. 

    A scenic flat ride, served at the stop with great food in pleasant surroundings. The return was uneventful and slightly easier on the legs. Total distance 41 miles, elevation 800 ft and average speed of 13.8 mph.

  • 11/09/2021 16:23 | Anonymous member

    Tony Munn stepped up to lead,from Snodland with a group of 7 and headed  out on a  journey  to Pittland Lakes, near Paddock Wood. An uneventful ride thankfully,which went to Kings Hill ,Yalding and Colliers Street to the break. The staff looked after the group well,sitting outside in the pleasant sunshine. At Paddock Wood on the return, Richard B dropped off ,and  the route carried on to Mereworth and Kings Hill ,West Malling again,where Lee and David L,took their leave whilst the remaining 4 went to the finish. A distance of 40 miles at about 13 mph.

  • 04/09/2021 17:11 | Anonymous member

    A dull ,dry morning for a Lenham start. Richard V led with 8 others,including an ex Fairy rider, Chris Bramley . A lumpy start before the flat of Grafty Green,and undulations all the way to Woodchurch Rare Breeds Centre. A stringent track and trace and sanitising was still in place,along with outside service food  only in their courtyard. We arrived just as the Fast Inters were leaving. The return was into a fairly stiff headwind,going through Shadoxhurst and up to Pluckley to the finish. A distance of 39 miles at 13 mph and approx 2000 ft ascents without incident 

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