Reports submitted by the D Group ride leaders. 

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  • 30/05/2021 16:55 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Back to pre Covid numbers with 19 turning up (pre booked) at Wrotham.  14 opted for the D ride so with 2 groups and leaders we could achieve a back on your bike paced ride as well as a normal paced 23 mile ride.  Wanting to take advantage of the the great Knatts Valley downhill run to Farningham we climbed Wrotham Hill to descend down Tinker Pot Lane.  A magical run through the fields of Cow Parsley to Farningham  then around the back of Eynsford Castle to Eynsford crossing the River Darent using the bridge rather than the ford!  The main road to Lullingstone and the Country Park.  A run back via Shoreham and Otford marred by fly tipping on the Pilgrims Way at Heaverham (now reported to Sevenoaks DC) we achieved a dry run with no incidents.  Great to have some pre lockdown friends back out with us again.  23 miles at average of 11.5 mph.

  • 22/05/2021 19:26 | Anonymous member

    Just 5 started off from Staplehurst,following Heather ,Trevor and Richard B having had long ride in’s. Richard V led and  took the group out to Frittenden and Biddenden ,then a few lumps before arriving at the Community cafe at Benenden.where Richard B left. A shortish return firstly to Cranbrook where Heather veered off ,then back on the main road to Staplehurst.A distance of 24 miles and 1200 ft ascents.

  • 20/12/2020 10:28 | Anonymous member

    With 17 wanting a final Club  ride before Christmas, it had to separated into 3 bubbles setting off at different places. Mike Lambourne ,who traditionally hosts the pre festive ride set off in his full Santa costume with plenty of goodies from Marden with his 5 little elves.He just about out did Richard  Barsley for the best beard.Their ride took them to Tonbridge for a takeaway from Greggs and a sit by the river. The only downside was the presence of the puncture devil who delivered 4 punctures.An overall distance of 39 flat miles,at 13 mph average. 

    Brigitte ,on her first lead, took her group of 6 from Ditton Community Centre,which was being also used as a COVID innoculation Station. With the puncture devil being elsewhere, they didn’t suffer any punctures or mechanicals ,but had a far more hilly ride of 2050 ft ascents, and had their takeaway in the dry at Detling Community Centre, They managed a mucky ride of 34 miles..

    Richard led the third bubble of 5 from the new starting point of Larkfield village hall,on an uneventful ride to the takeaway at Camer Park,near Meopham. Again,the bikes were quickly very dirty after a period of rain,but thankfully no incidents or problems. The main highlight was passing Santa’s sleigh,being drawn by two magnificent black horses in full plumage,along the A 227 at Culverstone.and seeing his helpers distributing presents..It would have made a great photo. The ride was only 29 miles,and about 1500 ft climbs. and for all the groups arriving back to shortly find out that we had gone into a tier 4 lockdown,and the suspension of club rides again.Not a fitting end to a very challenging cycling year.

  • 05/12/2020 20:02 | Anonymous member

    Two riders Mike and Ray formed a bubble to ride from Harrietsham Church to Headcorn. The fields in Harrietsham were covered in snow from the snowstorm the day before, it was thawing nicely and the roads were okay to cycle. Near Staplehurst a large area was flooded, luckily only one section of road was totally covered with flood water, we did however manage to cycled through it. All the shops were open at Headcorn following the lockdown and most of the cafes were selling take a-way snacks, we were spoilt for choice.  Finding the shortest queue we purchased our hot drinks. The route back was via Egerton Village where two older ladies were having a picnic with basket, flask and lunch in the middle of the green. Being well wrapped up, they were a reflection of the time, no mixing indoors for friends from different households.

    Stats: 30 plus miles at a good pace to be enjoyed by another bubble at a future date!

  • 02/11/2020 15:56 | Anonymous member

    Two different starting places and times for the two bubbles of 4 and 5 ,from East Malling. Richard led  his 4,which included Richard Barsley ,who started his cycling day from Shoreham.  However with heavy rain forecast,it was a nearer stop at Borough Green,and back through a deluge of rain. Julie led the other group of 5 intending a ride to Rochester,but again with the heavy rain,cut it short with their break at Aylesford,and a swift return to the start..

  • 10/10/2020 19:42 | Anonymous member

    Kevyn took the lead with a bubble group of 6, on a dry morning from Aylesford.She did an outward route of 21 miles ,going up a few lumps,including Cobhambury Road,before  the descent to Lower Higham and the stop at  Nell’s cafe,Gravesend.  From there ,the return came back to Cuxton,then across the M2 bridge footway back to Aylesford. A distance of 37 miles ,at about 12.5 mph and 2300 ft ascents.

  • 03/10/2020 19:45 | Anonymous member

    After very heavy overnight rain,10 riders still turned up at Paddock Wood. Tony Munn and Neal Welch split  the group with 5 each,and set off for a nice flat ride in opposite directions to Headcorn aerodrome. Tony took his group through Marden, Staplehurst to the stop,and Neal went out on a slightly different route,via Marden Thorn and Frittenden.. Everyone had to sit outside on different tables,but fortunately it was drying out nicely. The returns were similar,without incidents with both groups getting back to Paddock Wood about the same time.A distance of 37 miles at around 14 mph average.

  • 12/09/2020 20:19 | Anonymous member

    A comfortable group of 4 joined Gary from Snodland,on a very pleasant morning .An early mechanical when Gary’s mudguard split in half,then it was on to Rochester and out to Upnor where a dog ran out from a field across the road in front of a couple of riders.Fortunately it seemed to know where it was going and disappeared through a hedge undaunted. Onwards again to Cooling where Gary made an impromptu stop in the churchyard,and showed everyone the graves of about 13 infants dating during 1770s ,believed of the same family. He then carried on to the break at Mockbeggar Farm shop near Cliffs Woods,a new group stop,and worth future visits,even having to sit outside. It was then an uneventful return through Rochester and Wouldham. A distance of 30 miles at 12.5 mph and about 1500 ft ascents.

  • 05/09/2020 20:11 | Anonymous member

    Eight riders set off from Lenham in two groups of four on a sunny and relatively calm day.  Very good progress was made travelling via Ulcombe and Hawkenbury before arriving for an early lunch at the Headcorn Aerodrome cafe.  

    On the return journey the groups encountered the main hill of the ride at Egerton and then travelled via Stonebridge Green and Sandway before arriving back at the start point in Lenham.  Thankfully the ride was incident free and with many of the roads having little traffic it resulted in a very enjoyable ride.

    Distance 29 miles, average speed 13 mph and elevation 1159ft.

  • 30/08/2020 15:51 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A large turnout for the D groups at Old London Road despite 'could it be winter already' temperatures found 6 selecting to take Neal's ride to Lullingstone.  Setting off in 2 distinct bubbles for a downhill to Borough Green before the mucky climbs up to Mill Lane.  A chain off, rider off incident led to our leader having to abandon the ride when the dropout did its job in protecting the fame and leaving him gearless.  With John B taking up the white charger roll it was the 'Secret Seven' down to the 'Famous Five' for the ride to continue with Russell leading.  Neal's promised hilly first half was accurate but enjoyable through some new lanes and the usual routing challenge of crossing the A25 at Seal.  A nice run through Noah's Ark (I bet they feel smug when the rain is torrential), Otford and Shoreham for our stop at Lullingstone Country Park.  A limited menu still found us refreshed for our run back through Shoreham to join the Pilgrims Way back to Wrotham.  A great route, thanks Neal, sorry you missed it.  25 miles, 1900 feet of ascent at an average of 11.5 mph.

    Route on Strava

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