Another joint ride of different distances from East Malling 13/11/21

13/11/2021 16:51 | Anonymous member

The East Malling Car Park start,was rammed with 25 D groups,and 12 B+ cyclists,before all heading off in the same general direction. Tony Munn graciously led a group of 14 and took them to Shoreham Aircraft cafe, and Gary led a second bubble.  Richard V and Lee after a  while then followed on a shorter journey for a stop at The Pond Cafe, Otford,with 11 taking an identical routine ,via Offham. Richard and Lee were discussing punctures,which like Alexa,the puncture Fairy must been listening to,as almost immediately Lee reported the dreaded word. They then spent ages just trying to remove the rear wheel which was totally jammed in the the back forks.Eventually using a big stone,like something out of Fred Flintstone,it came off.,and it was then onto Otford without further incident. By which time Tony’s group was  reaching Shoreham ,for a leisurely sit out in the cafe garden. Following the breaks,it was an uneventful return for both groups ,through the St Clare’s Estate,Kemsing ,  Wrotham and West Malling. A distance of 34 miles and 30 miles respectively.

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