Reports submitted by the D Group ride leaders. 

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  • 16/01/2022 12:53 | Anonymous member

    14 gathered for the start at the WOK golf club, Headcorn. A cold foggy morning in the weald.

    Split in to 2 groups of 7 with Ange kindly leading a second group we headed out via Headcorn, hampered initially by hedge cutting and two sets of lights in Headcorn. The route to Singleton was via Smarden and Bethersden with the only hill on the approach to the break at Footprints Cafe.

    As always Footprints excelled with service  and quality of food despite having to deal with another group there at the same time, the inbetweeners. 

    The return felt quicker than expected with no holdups and slightly better weather. The route taking in Great Chart, Pluckley and Egerton.

    All made it back safe and sound a bit muddier then when they started but happy nevertheless!

    Just under 30 miles with ascents of 800 feet. Average speed 12.5mph

  • 09/01/2022 16:59 | Anonymous member

    Jo rescheduled the D joint ride to Sunday, due to the previous day’s rain.It was good to see 16 turn up,including our  Club Ride Secretary,Phil Thorpe. Jo took a lovely route  with quite a few lumps around the Plaxtol area, without incident or punctures to Poult Wood Golf Club,which was empty ,so I think they welcomed the custom. Jo continued the way back through country lanes ,via Butchers Lane and Kings Hill.A distance of 30 miles and 1500 ft ascents.

  • 01/01/2022 16:03 | Anonymous member

    So a New Years Cycling starts,and 10 turned up at Paddock Wood for a joint group ride. Lorna should have led,but tested positive for COVID  shortly before, so Richard V led instead, basically using Lorna’s GPS route. A fine mild day and a nice flat country ride out to Headcorn,stopping at Costa coffee,which was the only place open. With a bit of warmth in the sun,the return continued to be uneventful,thankfully with the traffic remaining light.No incidents or punctures,so all good. A distance of 33 miles at a very modest 12 mph average.

  • 11/12/2021 18:56 | Anonymous member

    A chill dry morning for Angela O’Flahery’s lead of 8 from Brooklands Lakes Car Park, Snodland to Wetherspoons, Tonbridge. An uneventful ,but very pleasant route out via Offham ,Hadlow, and Tudeley to the break,with the return up Mathews  Lane and Butchers Hill  ,through Kings Hill back to Snodland . Incident free ,except a couple of falls and a deflated tyre.A distance of 33 miles approximately.

  • 04/12/2021 21:10 | Anonymous member

    Seven riders joined Mike on his ride to Headcorn from Lenham. The aim was to do a flattish ride but still incorporate the joys of speeding down Hunton Hill, what goes down must go .....................!  The first obstacle was Chegworth Hill once ascended it was flat or downhill all the way to Headcorn 26 miles. Good progress was being made all the way to Staplehurst when Wendy's tyre picked up a thorn. It was a pig of puncture to repair 45minutes later we continued on to Headcorn. The corner café which had undergone a makeover since our last visit provided: good food at a reasonable price in good time. Recommended for the future. For the return one hill of note Egerton. One rider suggested doing Vigo Hill in the future!!! To be incorporated soon. Stats for the ride 39 miles 12.5 mph 1700 ft of climbing. 

  • 04/12/2021 20:48 | Anonymous member

    Paul Richards had done an excellent job for his first lead from Lenham, having fully recce’d the lovely country laned  route to Footprints cafe,Singleton. Twelve opted to join him, in 2 groups,which got split up within yards from the start with a chain problem,so didn’t meet up again until the stop. Valerie volunteered to lead the second bubble on a really picturesque route,in bright sunshine out to Pluckley and Bethersden. Sarah W,got a puncture on a rear tyre of her E Bike, and it was a bit of a learning curve for the helpers re the drop out replacement . Paul’s Group also came across a very badly injured cat which had been hit by a car, and Mark went to a nearby house to make the owner aware. After the break, Wendy also got a puncture, which held thing up a bit, but otherwise the route back to Lenham via, Hothfield,Westwell and Charing Heath was uneventful.A distance of 33 miles,at 12 mph roughly.

  • 21/11/2021 16:58 | Anonymous member

    Despite a rather grey day, it was unseasonably mild with very little wind and thankfully no rain, making ideal cycling conditions.  With 13 riders, we split into two groups with myself leading the first, Russel leading the second and Colin kindly bringing up the rear. Our first stop was a after a long but gentle climb between Frittenden and Sissinghurst. From thereafter the hills got more frequent and steeper but we managed to build up some momentum each time to help climb the next. None of the hills felt really challenging but there did seem to be rather a lot of them. The cafe at the fish farm had kindly set aside some tables inside for us so after refuelling, we set off back towards Cranbrook (more hills) and then downhill to Marden without incident. Total distance of 32 miles and climbed 2100 feet. Thanks to everybody for making it an enjoyable ride.

  • 13/11/2021 16:51 | Anonymous member

    The East Malling Car Park start,was rammed with 25 D groups,and 12 B+ cyclists,before all heading off in the same general direction. Tony Munn graciously led a group of 14 and took them to Shoreham Aircraft cafe, and Gary led a second bubble.  Richard V and Lee after a  while then followed on a shorter journey for a stop at The Pond Cafe, Otford,with 11 taking an identical routine ,via Offham. Richard and Lee were discussing punctures,which like Alexa,the puncture Fairy must been listening to,as almost immediately Lee reported the dreaded word. They then spent ages just trying to remove the rear wheel which was totally jammed in the the back forks.Eventually using a big stone,like something out of Fred Flintstone,it came off.,and it was then onto Otford without further incident. By which time Tony’s group was  reaching Shoreham ,for a leisurely sit out in the cafe garden. Following the breaks,it was an uneventful return for both groups ,through the St Clare’s Estate,Kemsing ,  Wrotham and West Malling. A distance of 34 miles and 30 miles respectively.

  • 30/10/2021 16:17 | Anonymous member

    Heavy rain preceded the start at Yalding, but 10 fairly soaked riders, many of them who had cycled in. Russell as usual took the lead, and all headed off for the break at Pittland Lakes,near Paddock Wood. Going out through puddles galore, but fortunately the weather brightened up quite quickly, and by the time the group reached the stop via Marden the sun was shining ,and everyone started warming up. Jane had to drop off immediately after with a loss of air in her tubeless tyre, and she contacted her husband to collect her. Russell then took the group on to Five Oak Green and Golden Green ,nicely on the flat before returning to Yalding, where the stalwart ones rode home. A shortish ride of only 26 .5 miles at about 13 mph average

  • 20/10/2021 22:30 | Anonymous member

    A lovely start point The Weald of Kent GC saw 18 riders turn up on a chilly overcast morning.  Due to numbers we split into two groups, I led group 1 and Paul led group 2.  The ride took us along various country lanes to Silcocks Farm Shop at St Michael's which went down well with everyone.  The return route went via Biddenden and Frittenden .  A trouble free ride both groups arriving back within minutes of each other.  32 miles AV 12.2.  Elevation 1027

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