We take the wellbeing and safeguarding of our members very seriously. We have two British Cycling trained Welfare officers available, who work with the Director for Health and Wellbeing to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are safeguarded. They are also available as a first point of contact for other welfare issues.

Further advice is available on the following:

  • Under 18’s cycling on club rides (including parent/guardian consent form) (LINK)
  • Contact details in case of an emergency (ICE) (See below)

As members of British Cycling, and acknowledging their expertise, we have adopted their safeguarding policies and procedures. They contain all the necessary information of what to do if you have a concern. The policies can be viewed on the British Cycling Website:

  • Safeguarding Adults (British Cycling LINK)
  • Safeguarding Children (British Cycling LINK)
  • You can find out about the role of Welfare Officers by visiting British Cycling (British Cycling LINK


We welcome young people on club rides, but as you’d expect there are a few pieces of good practice that we insist are in place.

  • Before attending a ride, the young person or their parent/guardian should contact the Director of Club Runs ( or the Director of Membership and Inclusion (, it will help us support them on their first club ride.
  • Wherever possible the young person should be accompanied by a relative.
  • Where that is not possible a parent/guardian consent form (LINK) must be completed before going on a club ride. This should be given to the ride leader on the day or submitted to the Membership Secretary in advance.
  • The U18 rider should hand their ICE card to the ride leader before the club ride begins. It will be returned at the end of the ride.
  • The U18 rider must have their own third-party insurance as they are not covered by the club insurance. This is available as part of some Cycling UK or British Cycling Memberships.
  • Riders should come prepared; this includes weather appropriate clothing, having a roadworthy bike, spare inner tube, drink and snacks appropriate for the length of ride.
  • As the ride leader has responsibility for the safety and welfare of all cyclists on the ride, they retain the right to refuse permission for the U18 to cycling with the group on that day. An explanation will be given for that decision.
  • All cyclists on the club ride will ensure the U18 is kept safe during the ride. The U18 will under no circumstances be left with one adult whilst on club activities.
  • Parents/guardians should be contactable during the ride in case of an emergency.
  • Parents/guardians will arrange prompt collection at the end of a ride.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that all requirements have been met before the U18 attends a club ride.

    Should any safeguarding concerns arise they should be raised with either of the Welfare Officers at the earliest opportunity. You may also contact the Director for Health and Wellbeing should the Welfare Officers not be available

    The parental consent form may be downloaded HERE. Please complete the form and return to the Membership Secretary


    SFACC First Aid Policy 2021

    An official Club ICE card can be obtained from our Membership Secretary,
    If you do not have one, please print or copy the below, complete it and keep it with your phone or other valuables while on a club ride. 


    Date of Birth:

    Your mobile number:

    If U18 Parent/guardian contact number: 

    If 18+ Next of Kin / Emergency contact number:

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