Recording Club Riders Names

28/01/2020 13:59 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Recording Club Riders Names

Under the rules of the club, there is a requirement to record the names of riders on all Club events, which includes Club rides, Audax, Reliability and Sportive.

Under the Organisers‘ Liability Cover for Cycling UK Affiliated Bodies it states:

“Riders are covered providing the ride/event is run in accordance with any guidelines issued and in particular that participants on rides/events are recorded either through collection of names or by completion of an entry form.”

I understand that certain groups on club rides, Audax’s etc. do this already, but it is a policy that seems to have been abandoned in the last few years by others. It is however, already in our club rules as a requirement.

In the SFA Club Handbook which all members have received, it states on page 17 §11:

The approved Group Co-ordinators will be responsible for forwarding the names of those in attendance on each run to the Director of Recreation.  The Director of Recreation will provide a regular report to the Board.

Whilst appreciating that it may appear somewhat onerous, it is essential if, as a club, we are to adhere to those terms and conditions.

It is suggested that ride leaders obtain these details before the start if practicable or alternatively at the more relaxed break.  

It would also provide an ideal opportunity to familiarise themselves in a welcoming way to new riders and ensure that they are members, or on taster-rides.

Perhaps a very quick way to achieve this is to take a photograph at the start and record the names at the earliest convenient moment.

There are no guidelines as to how this information is to be stored, but it is requested that group coordinators are given the details and keep by which ever means they deem suitable should it be subsequently required by the Insurance Company.

This method would also seem an appropriate way of collating the number of rides a member does annually, if they wish to be considered for the Club’s Attendence Shield (see below).

It is asked that,with effect from 1st of January 2020, that as a Club we adhere to these requirements.

In the same paragraph in the Club Handbook, it also states:

All members should be aware of the safety issues for the Club runs and act in accordance with the online document entitled “Rules and Etiquette for riding in groups”.  This document is to be given to all new members.  Prospective new members are welcome on Club runs but should be encouraged to join the Club after a maximum of three rides. A maximum of 10 new members can go on one club ride at a time, to align with insurance.

This leaflet has also been sent to all members.

Both the Club Handbook and the Rules and Etiquette leaflet can also be found on the website:

Club Handbook: Click here

Group Rules and Ettiquette leaflet: Click here

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