This group is for riders who want a purposeful ride at a steady pace averaging between 14-17mph over the whole distance. Generally, rides will be between 50 and 60 miles and include a coffee stop. Having said that it is not uncommon to go on a longer jaunt in the Summer but cut down the miles just a little in the Winter if the weather is a tad bad. We operate a "no-drop" policy, but aim to ride with as few other stops along the way as possible.

Average speed for a ride will obviously depend on distance, terrain and weather but our mean average over the course of a year's riding will be in the order of 15.5mph for a 56mile ride with 2500ft of climbing.

From October to March the group will start out from the new Marden Sports Ground on the Maidstone Road at 0915hrs each Saturday.

From April to September the group will start out from the Marden Library Car Park at 0800hrs.

The starting point may change, dependent on what the ride leader has got planned. Whenever possible, downloadable routes, constructed using the club's RideGPS account, will be posted on the group forum.  Please check the ride calendar and the forum for week by week ride information.

The main expectations (not rules) of the  group are as follows;

  1. Regular group members take their turn to act as ride leader.
  2. When riding with the group all members endeavour to take a turn at the front.
  3. Where possible members of a ride group will have the ride route downloaded onto any GPS unit they might have.
  4. Group members (other than potential new SFA members who are riding with us on a trial basis) endeavour to wear the club jersey, - at least during the warmer months from April to September.
  5. Communication regarding rides is posted on the Velo Forte Group Forum, ideally 2-3 days before.
  6. Ride leaders who are core group members (not necessarily quest ride leaders) put a short blog about the ride on the Velo Forte Group Page. (A short blog, not War and Peace!)

We consider ourselves a friendly bunch who get involved with riding activities both within and outside of the club so if you fancy riding with Velo Forte please give me, Del Leslie, a ring, - my number is below.

You also might want to have a look at our Ride Reports and Blogs so can get an idea of what we are about.

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t: 07736 518935


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