In the parlance of the peloton a Baroudeur is a warrior/adventurer, a rider who likes to put a bomb under the race and go off on the attack. Pronounced BAA(as in sheep)-ROO-DURS(rhymes with furs).

In the words of author Robert Penn this group is "all about the bike" and will not focus on speed, distance or elevation climbed.

Hopefully it will facilitate the coming together of like minded people within the club who, on occasions, like to forsake the lightweight carbon and ride out on some “real steel”.

This will be an ad hoc group and so is unlikely to be riding out every week and probably much dependent on the weather. It is open to anyone who wants to ride out on a bike with a steel frame. Hopefully there will be opportunities to see some of those glorious classics, which I know are locked away in member’s garages and sheds, but I think it only fair that there is no restriction on age of frame.

All communication will be via the group forum so if you want to be kept informed of any forthcoming steel rides please subscribe to the forum. Ticking the "Immediate" notification box is most efficient and you will then be notified by email within 15 minutes of any post being made.

Anyone interested in leading a ride, on whatever day they wish,  just needs to notify other group members via the group forum and you’re good to go.

Once rides start to be planned and diaried via the group forum the group co-ordinator will update the ride calendar.

So dig out and dust off those classic steel steeds that have been languishing for far to long at the back of your garage and sign up to the group forum.

Click on any events below for more information and location map



t: 07736 518935


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