Marden to Bewl Water 7th July 2018

08/07/2018 17:03 | Anonymous member

On a humid and sticky morning, Russell Chidwick led seven riders on a very lumpy route, skirting Tunbridge Wells, to Bewl Water.  Dee and Linton decided, very sensibly, to bail out of Russell’s planned ride, after tackling Castle Hill, claiming that “it was too hot”. Undeniably correct; the remaining troupers continued unabated, enduring the sun’s harsh glare which was only interrupted, briefly, by some leafy shade. The Matfield Village Fete provided Allan with the unique opportunity to swap his carbon for a late-19th century Belgian trike. Jo also took a fancy to a mid-50ies child’s Raleigh. The stallholder, however, was not that naïve. The group encountered the expected disruption close to Dunorlan Park, which was hosting the Pub in the Park Festival.  

Bewl Water’s shimmering expanse was the ideal spot to lay on the grass, under a tree, to take on some much-needed fluid and sustenance. While devouring ice creams, Russell and Tony took the executive decision to shorten the return which, very conveniently, avoided tackling even more big lumps.

A distance of 33.2 miles at 13.0 mph average speed with elevation gain of 2,534 feet. 

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