Reports submitted by the Midweekers ride leaders. 

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  • 28/03/2018 14:20 | Anonymous member

    Suprisingly,with constant rain falling and large puddles everywhere,Four riders still turned up at East Malling,Richard,Russell,Mike Lambourne and really nice to have Ian Allcock join the group. With the weather being as it was,it was never going to be a long and challenging ride,so with Richard leading out,the journey went through West Malling,Offham,Crouch to the village cafe in High Street,Borough Green.A really nice little break,which the group hardly ever uses. With no let up from the rain,Russell led  for most of the way back,via Wrotham,and the Pilgrims Way to Trottiscliffe,Ryarsh and Birling.Mike dropped off at West Malling to cycle home along the A20, and the other three took the back road to the start.A distance of only 21.2 miles,but quite enough on such a grotty day.

  • 21/03/2018 16:58 | Anonymous member

    At last ,It felt like a bit of warmth had penetrated the endless clouds of late,and 11 still fairly well togged up riders ventured off from Wrotham in the dry and temperatures above freezing,which suited Angie and Mick who have just come back from  cycling in India. Richard led and did a fairly traditional ride out to the cyclo cafe at Westerham. The route went to Otford and the lanes past Chevening,mostly against the wind,but quite sunny,There were plenty of other cycling groups around,so the hibernation looks to be coming to an end. The cafe has been altered inside to provide more seating,and apparently we were the first group to stop there this year,but hopefully the business will pick up now. The return was partly the same,but diverted to Chipsted  and Dunton  Green then Otford to Heaverham  before returning to the Pilgrims Way .and Wrotham. A distance of 30 miles,at 13 mph average,and 1800 ft of climbing,without any problems. except having to negotiate so many darned potholes!.

  • 14/03/2018 16:34 | Anonymous member

    A new start ,saw 14 riders ,including a new couple ,Jenny and Rob, and with Richard leading,set off from Wouldham on  a pleasant,dry but windy morning.There was also a welcome for Phil Gerry . In the main,it was nice to have the wind in our favour,and the route was undulating,going to Halling,Cuxton and up to Cobham before Shorne Ridgeway and the lower road to Higham Station.From there,it was open countryside with the wind varying in directions,to Cooling,High Halstow to the break at Rose’s cafe,Stoke village.The group pretty much filled the small cafe,but the staff were accommodating and efficient.It was fairly inevitable that the return was going to be with headwinds,so it was more direct, but it provided good views overlooking the  Medway  estuary, past Kingsnorth to Hoo St   Werburgh and Upnor. The quieter roads gave  way to fairly manic traffic through the Frindsbury Industrial Estate, and into Rochester,passing the castle and Cathedral before Borstal and the finish at Wouldham. A distance of 40 miles at about 13 mph and over 2000 ft of climbing,but fortunately,without incident or punctures


  • 07/03/2018 11:08 | Anonymous member

    On arrival at the starting point of Lenham,it was raining so hard that the general consensus was to call it a day. A shame ,as 10 people had turned up,including Ralph who had cycled in from Boughton Mon,and Brigitte who had cycled part way. Ralph decided to cycle back home,instead of a lift,as he said he couldn’t get any wetter.Very brave! Typically the weather seemed to improve a bit later in the day,but too late by then.

  • 28/02/2018 15:46 | Anonymous member

    Roll on the better weather !

  • 22/02/2018 10:00 | Anonymous member

     Please see Tony’s report which he has put on the Midweekers forum.


  • 14/02/2018 17:27 | Anonymous member

    Tony Munn led 16 members on a calm cold morning to Frinsbury. The route out took them via East Malling Offham and Wrotham Heath before looping back via Ryash and Birling. The group then skirted Snodland before cycling over St Peters Bridge,( where the wind had now noticeably increased,) Wouldham and the sharp climb up to Shorts way.  The group continued along the Esplanade and into Frinsbury industrial estate, a warning of what was to come came as shock as we peddled directly into 18 mile winds along White Wall Way. Nevs is always efficient and 17 meals were soon served. (No I don't have shares!!!) The journey back was into incessant wind climbing up Burham Road and along the Pilgrims way before the drop to Aylesford. The group then cycled through Ditton with a small loop around the research station before arriving back at the start.

    Distance 30 miles Average Speed 12MPH 1800ft Climb



  • 31/01/2018 16:51 | Anonymous member

    A new ,and I think popular starting point saw 10 riders gathering at the Memorial car park,Paddock Wood.Really good to see Allan out again,after a lengthy break.The general idea was to head out in the direction of Ashford,and see where the ride took us.Richard led and with the wind firmly behind and the rain having stopped. it was a brisk outgoing journey on the flat through Marden,Staplehurst,Headcorn and on to Bethersden for the break at the Garden Centre.With perfect timing,the rain started heavily just after we arrived,and on queue stopped just before leaving.The return was a bit more challenging,often into a headwind,but still fairly flattish,to skirt Pluckley and Egerton.On going through Headcorn,Richard Bardsley said he wasn’t feeling great,so he peeled off to catch the train to Paddock Wood.Tony M said that he would give the leader a break and took overThen it was a matter of retracing some of the route.Unfortunately at Marden,due to a road obstruction,Russ and Gary were held up and the group got parted.They made their way back via Pattenden Lane and Laddingford,whilst the main group took a more direct route.So the distances varied between 48.5 and 51 miles at an average of about 14 mph,with only about 900 feet of ascents.

  • 24/01/2018 16:28 | Anonymous member

    What a stalwart bunch some of the Midweekers are.On a really windy and rainy morning,7 still managed to get to Lenham for a date with Georgina.( the storm that is). Russell ,together with Andy W. Chris G. Chris M,Tony P,Brian and Gerry,  battled off and headed to the cafe at Wye,or as Russ said Wye Not! A traditional route and getting back just before the heavens opened. but still slushing through the puddlesA distance of 32 miles .Well done super heroes.I feel like a proper wimp now.!

  • 17/01/2018 16:11 | Anonymous member

    A windy,cold but very sunny start from Yalding,with 11 riders.Tony Palmer graciously offered to lead and headed off for a very traditional ride to Chiddingstone,into a very brisk headwind. Without incidents thankfully ,the route went out to Hadlow and Hildenborough.On arrival at the post office cafe,Chiddingstone,the lady owner came out to say they were refurbishing,so Tony came up with plan B ,which was Penshurst Place.To get there entailed quite a few lumps,but sitting with the warmth inside,and the bright sun streaming through the window made it a good stop.The return journey was a lot flatter,and made even better with being wind assisted.Tony led to Leigh,and then skirted Tonbridge,and on to Golden Green and East Peckham to the finish.A distance of 40 miles at 13.3 mph average.  Thankyou Tony for a lovely ride.

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