Reports submitted by the Midweekers ride leaders. 

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  • 26/09/2018 15:46 | Anonymous member

    After the 3 previous  wet Wednesday’s,17 riders turned up at Yalding in almost  barmy September sunshine. Ray had to drop off immediately when he realised he hadn’t brought the right shoes, and then Ian Johnson led a  classic route out to Chiddingstone castle,with a slight detour along  Nizels Lane .On arrival it was already busy with a large group of cyclists   employees of the cycle clothing company Rapha,on an Away day.They were quickly joined by dozens more,and bikes were strewn everywhere.There were only 3 members of staff,but they coped fantastically well.The return very much took the usual route,via Leigh and Tonbridge,without incident,except for one white van man at Hildenborough deciding that he had been held up too long and squirted water,or windscreen wash was over riders he overtook. A total distance of 37 Miles at a pacy 14.7 mph average. Thankyou Ian.great ride.

  • 19/09/2018 18:03 | Anonymous member

    A really blustery day welcomed 16 riders at Chestnut Street,including Andy T.V who had cycled from home! and a welcome back to Lisa following her health lay off. Richard led and with the wind almost mainly behind ,took a longish loop  out to Sheppey. Going on the Sheppey Way was a delight ,with strava pb’s.then onto the esplanade at Minster on sea,via Barton’s Point.Continuing on back roads it was then to the break at The Old Mill cafe,outside Stanford Hill prison .Service was really impressive,and several riders took the opportunity to visit the Aviation museum ,which was really interesting.There was a bit of apprehension  about the return,as it was completely into very strong head and cross winds staying to the main roads,although quicker was slightly unnerving ,but thankfully without incident via the old A249 and Bobbing. A distance of 36 Miles at about 13 mph. Longer for Andy TV cycling back to Ditton. ‍♀️

  • 12/09/2018 15:54 | Anonymous member

    What is it about the weather on Wednesday’s lately.For the third week running it  was wet and miserable. However,that didn’t stop 15,some of who rode considerable distances to an East Malling start.It was initially decided to head to Hawley garden centre,and with Richard leading the route went to Offham  and Crouch to Basted,where Phil Gerry  got the first of the days punctures. As always good old Gary stepped in to help. Suitably fixed  the ride continued out to Ightham and the Pilgrims Way,where Phil Harvey got the first of his three punctures,so the ride was held up somewhat.It was then the drag up Terry’s Lodge Hill,with a decision made to change the break for the Hollyville cafe at West Kingsdown. It was quite busy and with our large numbers putting pressure on the staff  with mainly cooked food it was a pretty long break.However it did give Phil the chance to repair the second puncture in the warmth of the cafe,again with Gary’s expertise.Eventually it was back on the road and into the rain again.The return proved a bit lumpy,going down to Fawkham and up again to get to Ridley,where the puncture devil descended again on Phil’s rear tyre,by which time he had run out of inner tubes but Tony Palmer was on hand with a spare.Thanks again Gary.With time really pressing on,the route was shortened a bit,by going through Culverstone Green,down Vigo Hill and back to the start,via Ryarsh and Birling.A distance of 33 Miles at 13 mph average.Just seemed longer!

  • 05/09/2018 15:28 | Anonymous member

    Another morning where it would not have taken much to cancel,but 10 well dressed up riders turned up at Wrotham. Russell took the wheel  and his initial idea was a stop at the cyclo cafe Westerham,but a phone call by him  changed things when it was closed for the day. So Plan B was a stop at Chartwell.and with water splashing  the Group headed off . It was pretty much hills all the way.The route went to Crouch and up to Plaxtol and Stone Street,on to Bitchets Green  and the back of Knole Park ,then the climb of Toys Hill,where on better days the views are lovely.  A welcome break at Chartwell,even managing to sit outside. Russ then continued the circular route,by going through Westerham,and onto Otford.Unfortunately the Pilgrims Way was closed towards Kemsing,but with no one working they got through okay.It was then onto the final leg to Wrotham.A distance of 33.4 miles with 2387 ft ascents.Great ride, thanks Russ.

  • 29/08/2018 17:11 | Anonymous member

    There are three clichés to describe todays ride WET, WET, WET. Eight brave souls left Ham Street in slight drizzle for a tour of the Marsh via Dymchurch, Dungeness and Rye. When we reached the sea wall near Dymchurch the drizzle had become a downpour. As we sheltered under a bus stop in Dymchurch we watched miniature Niagara falls pouring off guttering. Continuing our ride and guided by the flashing lights and foghorn of the Dungeness lighthouse we found the Railway café at Dungeness. After several hot drinks supplemented by curry chips, hot pies and anything else hot, along with frequent visits to the loo to use the hot air dryer a decision was made to shorten the ride. After convincing the staff that we were not incontinent, great pools of water under our table, we headed home via Lydd, Brenzett and Ivychurch to a dry Ham Street!!!! 39 miles average speed 13.2 mph




  • 23/08/2018 19:07 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A good turnout of 18 at the Dickley Lane meeting point on a dry morning.  Russell led to Wye and why not?  Taking an anti-clockwise circuit taking in Ham Lane, Sandway, Chilston Park, Egerton and Pluckley before passing Goddington Park.  Crossing the A20 to go up Sandyhurst Lane to pass Eastwell Manor then taking the A251 to Boughton Aluph and escaping a scary moment when a speeding blue light flashing police car headed straight for us on our side of the road.  Arrived at the Wye Coffee & Kitchen cafe in Church Street where service was excellent and they coped with us taking over their busy cafe.  On leaving discovered a lonely bike had repaid us for our lack of attention by presenting its owner with a flat.  Thanks to Gary P yet again for his assistance.  On our way retracing our steps to Eastwell Manor and taking Lenacre Street (NCR 17) to Westwell and Charing.  Then our climb of the day, Charing Hill to return via Warren Street and Hubbards Hill.  33.3 dry miles at and average of 13 mph and 1900 feet of ascent.

    Route on Strava

  • 15/08/2018 16:45 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    There being no other suggestions Russell led a group of 19 following a route to Scotney Castle downloaded from the Club's account, such a valuable resource.  Great to have Andy TV out with us.  Out via East Peckham, Golden Green and across the A228 to climb Crittenden Road to Matfield.  Picking up on NCR18 to Baker's Hill and then the fast descent to the challenging A21 roundabout to get on the B2162 for Lamberhurst.  5 of the group unfortunately missing the connection and finding their own way to the castle.  All reaching the castle tea rooms at a similar time along with half of the UK's population of wasps.  From the castle to Finchcock's along the scenic traffic free route leading us rejoin NCR18 and skirt Goudhurst.  Attempting to get through a road closure on route to Horsmonden and having to re-trace our pedalling to take a short diversion, thanks to Gary for yet more mechanical support along the way.  A fast descent out of Horsmonden for a short climb of Castle Hill for a final descent and a flat return to Yalding with some of the group peeling off before the station.  A great route, thanks to whoever plotted it.  32.5 miles, average 12.5 mph with 1950 feet of ascent.

  • 08/08/2018 17:08 | Anonymous member

    For the second week running,Russell  valiantly offered to lead,and on a cooler morning than of recent weeks started off from Chestnut Street with a group of 14. With the wind behind,Russ took the group out to Seasalter,via Borden,Tunstall and the lovely lanes through Kingsdown to Ospringe.Initially the intention was to stop in Faversham, but in order to get a few more miles in before the break,Russ continued out to Seasalter.Sitting outside the Forget Me Not cafe was most pleasant and service efficient.After the delight of wind assisted outward bound,it was back into it on the return ,which took the group into Faversham and onto the Lower Road towards Teynham,with a diversionary loop through Luddenham. At Teynham,Russ peeled off along the A2 ,in order to get home earlier,and the rest of the riders made their return via Rodmersham,and then retraced the ride again through Tunstall to Borden.,where an insect managed to sting Ray through his helmet,and Chris M and Brigitte left to cycle back to the Maidstone area .It was then .a quick dash down from Borden  to Chestnut Street. A distance of 38.5  miles at about 13 mph average

  • 01/08/2018 18:32 | Anonymous member

    A lovely warm morning attracted 19 riders for a start from East Malling.Russell opted to lead,and we welcomed his son Josh,who has just finished University. Trying to maintain 3 Groups,the outward bound took the riders through West Malling,Crouch and up Gover Hill,before the descent of Mathews Lane and then bypassed Hadlow.It then carried on through Golden Green and the outskirts of Tonbridge on to the new cycle path towards Pembury.A slight GPS hiccup  and a bit of off roading through woods took them into Pembury and onto the stop at Pepenbury cafe,near Tunbridge Wells.Although Russell had notified the cafe,there was only one member of stafff having to do everything,so inevitability service was extremely slow,and riders ,including Angie were having to help the overworked lady out with fetching and carrying of drinks and food.Eventually the group set off again,and Russ led them out on cycle route 18 to Matfield.Unfortunately,a section of the group got split up from the main party,but nothing lost as most knew the way generally.,and all met up again at the top of Kenward Hill. By then riders were really starting to drop off,and following the climb of Red Hill,Wateringbury ,only half remained and continued to the start.A distance of about 36 Miles at about 12.5 mph average. Thanks Russ for taking the lead

  • 26/07/2018 17:01 | Anonymous member

    On a day when the mercury promised to exceed 30 degrees and the thought that only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, Tony Munn led 15 riders on a undulating ride to the renamed Nevs now called Als and Sals. Leaving Wrotham the group dropped down to Borough Green before a stiff climb up Basted lane. The group continued through Platt East and West Malling, Ditton and Aylesford before the climb up through Eccles. Dropping down through St Peters village the group continued to the next climb up to Borstal. Navigating Shorts way with the sharp bend the group continued into Rochester and Als and Sals. To every ones credit the heat still did not stop the usual cooked breakfasts being consumed and soon we were on our way back. Climbing up to the motorway bridge then through Cuxton and the real test of the day Dean Lane, a loop around Fairseat then downhill and the start point. PHEW!!!  Distance 37 miles Average Speed 13.5 Climb 2200 ft


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