Tired of cycling on your own? Welcome to a world of opportunity



A £5.00 'Joining Fee' will be applied to all applications - not applicable to applicants who are under 18 years of age.

Cycling members are required to have third party insurance through membership of either British Cycling or Cycling UK (formerly CTC)

Membership fees will be prorated for new members joining from 1 July each year.  This will be indicated during the online application process.  The £5.00 joining fee is not prorated.  

New members joining in either November or December will pay the full annual fee but will receive 14 months membership, if joining in November, and 13 months membership if joining in December.


For a limited period, new members joining will receive 20% off the cost of a short sleeved club jersey.  This offer may only be used once, is subject to available stock and may not be used against any other item of Club clothing

 First Claim Annual Membership - £35.00
(Adult member where SFA is the first cycling club - 'First Claim')

 Second Claim Annual Membership - £35.00
(Adult member where SFA is the second cycling club - 'Second Claim'. NOTE: Second Claim members may express opinions at General Meetings of the Club but may not vote. No Second Claim member may take Club awards. )

 Second or Subsequent Membership - £25.00
(Applicable to subsequent members of the same household - First or Second Claim)

 Student Membership (over 18 years) - £5.00
(Students over 18 in full time education. Note; applicant may be required to provide proof of education status)

 Junior Membership (16 - 18 years) - £5.00
(Juniors aged between 16 and 18 years of age)

 Juvenile Membership (under 16 years) - FREE
(Juveniles on Club rides must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult)

 Social Membership - £5.00
(Non-riding member. Social members do not receive copy of the printed 'Milestone' magazine)

Parental Consent

Parental consent is required for unaccompanied riders under the age of 18 years.  A parental consent form may be downloaded HERE. Please complete the form and return to the Membership Secretary 


(Membership renews on 1 January each year)

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