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  • 11/11/2017 16:30 | Anonymous member

    On a very dull,drizzly morning,only Russell,Darren,Tony M and Richard V,decided to do the ride from Mote Park,with most of the others gathered  opting for John Blakeley’s D ride to Lenham. Richard suggested going to the Tuck Inn cafe at Newington,which was well received especially by Darren,as it is one of his favourite stops. Going out from the park to Detling and up the footpath alongside the A249  actually into the low clouds.Continuing on ,via very muddy,leaf strewn and puddly lanes to Hartlip, A loop to give a few more miles prior to the break,and Darren took the lead,showing the others all sorts of places where he grew up.The ride continued to Upchurch and Lower Halstow,before changing direction to get to the Newington. The cafe  was pretty crowded,but the food,service and value was excellent as always.Out again and still wearing the waterproofs,albeit it had dried a bit,it was then up Queensdown Warren to Bredhurst where Tony sustained the only puncture of the day.Darren was on hand  and with his CO2 gas tube ,it was back on the road again before too long. At Boxley, Darren left the ride to cycle home,leaving Russ,Tony and Richard the final leg along the Pilgrims Way to Detling.and just before the park,Russ dropped off also.Not a long ride,only 28 miles,with about 2000 ft climbing,at a very average speed.

  • 04/11/2017 16:22 | Anonymous member

    A really big turn out at Yalding Station,with the Easy riders + also starting there with about 20 riders.After early pleasantries,the 3 groups set off to their various routes.Brian with a group of 6 said that his ride would be hilly on the way out and flat for the return.A miserable weather morning that always threatened rain,and the roads were pretty grotty after an over night soaking.Brian pedalled off ,and after Yalding,it was up Kenward Hill,over the top to Small Profits and Shingle Barn Lane before the quite treacherous descent of Barn Hill ,with wet brakes not binding as well as normal.Back up part of Church Hill,then numerous quiet lane and the only puncture of the day surprisingly ,with Bob being the unlucky one.Typically,with no cover the rain decided to absolutely lash down,at that moment,and with rain trickling down the neck,it wasn’t too much fun.Anyway onwards,and Brian found many quiet lanes to get to the break at Coffee Corner cafe,Headcorn.The staff must have looked in Pity at the bedraggled souls who entered their door,wet their floor and chairs,but business is business,I guess.Partially dried out,Brian promised a flat route back,and to keep warm,hot up the pace a bit,and he charged off like a rocket preparing for tonight’s firework displays to Staplehurst and onto the Goudhurst Road.Carrying on at the same pace,with his flock puffing a bit,Brian headed for Claygate and Laddingford before getting back to Yalding,thankfully in the dry.A distance of 36 miles at 13.8 mph average.Thankyou Brian,lovely ride.

  • 31/10/2017 17:07 | Anonymous member

    Richatd Byatt led a group of 10 from Brenchley on a circumnavigate route around Tunbridge Wells.Going out to Frant for a photo op on the village green,then onto the Broadwater Forest and Fordcombe  before arriving at the Porcupine cafe,Penshurst.Rebecca and Lisa left and made their own route back,and the rest to enjoy their lunch in the Autumn sunshine. Leaving Penshurst by going off road up on NCR12, before the descent and crossing the Medway.Then carrying on ,bye passing Tonbridge,to Tudeley and  Colts Hill before the sting in the tail of Crittenden Road hill up to Matfield,before getting back to Brenchley.A distance of 30 miles,Averaging 12.5 mph with 2300 ft of climbing

  • 23/10/2017 18:58 | Anonymous member

    Please see Mike Lambourne’s ride report on the D+ forum

  • 14/10/2017 21:32 | Anonymous member

    We 4 (Jonathan,Roger, Kevyn & myself set of on the 10.05 ferry which Kevyn as with her custom just made. We headed for coalhouse fort (roger wanted to visit as was opposite one on gravesend side)in east tilbury which had a nice cafe for future use by someone else.

    We then trusting in garmin and past rides headed for southend. We headed out to Stanford le hope and eventually arrived in Basildon (through a Mellee of cycle paths which eventually had us stumped so after Kevyn suggested coffee and thinking time we stopped at a cafe in Basildon. A lady was listening to our conversation and suggested a route out to southend which we decided to take rather sooner than anticipated due to what appeared to be 2 drunk guys asking stupid questions about the name San fairy Ann on our tops. Route took us through benfleet,hadleigh onto A13 and eventually to Leigh on sea (loads of traffic lights) and then to southend seafront to lovely fish and chips. Return journey followed much the same route except a better route through Basildon. We then raced to get to 4.45 ferry but due to my error (wrong turning) we eventually made the 5.15. Jonathan pointed out that he thought Essex was flat lol  

    Big thanks to Kevyn,Jonathan and roger for there support and massive thank you to the ferry driver guy who not only kept kevyns car topped up with parking ticket, he also hid the cash she left on passenger seat and went with her when she picked up car to make sure all was ok top guy.

    Approximately 750metres of climbing, 58 miles and avg pace of 12mph 3 x coffees, 3 x cappuccino, 1 x tea, 2 x cakes, 1 x toast, 1 Diet Coke 3 x fish and chips and a portion of chips.

    Thought I try a different ride and was pleased with destination and weather was kind to us cheers 

  • 07/10/2017 19:48 | Anonymous member

    6 riders set out from Aylesford to Iwade.

    Route had to go up the downs and bluebell hill was chosen, once completed we set out bluebell village along cycle path to yelsted lane, the route went via bredhurst to hartlip and along to A2 at rainham where we took road through up church,lower halstow funton to the stop at Iwade.

    The cafe was a new stop called the brew house and they could not have been nicer and food was good. They did forget one guys food but they promptly corrected and were very apologetic. They also said we could order of both the breakfast and lunch menus. Very  accommodating.

    After food we started out on the return leg which took us down the old sheppey way through bobbing to roundabout at keycol then out through chestnut street and the climb to Borden, the route then skirted hearts delight and past the back of bredgar along blind Mary lane. We continued the climbing to top of hollingbourne hill. At bottom of hollingbourne hill we turned along the pilgrims way, through thurnham to detling, over the A249 via jades crossing to boxley we then turned towards aylesford and joined the new cycle way beside the Malta inn and was flat back to aylesford.

    Total 37 miles, 650 metres of climbing, average 12mph.

    2 x cakes, 3 x coffees, 2 x builders teas(cosy included) 1 x earl grey ( cosy included) 2 x scrambled egg on toast, 1 tuna melt,1 bacon sandwich, 1 full English and no punctures. 

  • 01/10/2017 07:47 | Anonymous member

    Jo Ellesmere led a a lovely ride from Barming to Poult Wood .Report on D group site to follow.

    Thankyou Jo

  • 23/09/2017 20:33 | Anonymous member

    Starting at Marden Station along with B+ and Intermediates, we sorted ourselves out, deciding to do a joint D+/D ride. Thirteen of us set off along Pattenden Lane, through Chainhurst and along Lughorse Lane (successfully negotiating a 'road block') to pick up the warm and sunny downhill road to Wateringbury.  To avoid the busy A26 we cut through on a byway to Love Lane passing by a very pretty area by a shady mill pond.  We then picked up another byway which was not quite so bike friendly (Ray has forgiven me!) but we walked/cycled along here to join a shorter section of the A26. We went through Mereworth, past West Peckham, down Matthews Lane and Stanford Lane to Brookside Garden Centre in East Peckham.  We enjoyed a good break here (photo on D+ webpagebefore repairing Russell's puncture and setting off again via Yalding, Laddingford and Sheephurst Lane. We made a loop via Hush Heath Winery without losing anyone (a little surprising as their champagne has won awards) and round a bit further before returning to Marden Station. There was an accidental added loop via the A229 - I put this down to a conversation with Russell about student loans resulting in a missed turning!  A beautiful warm, sunny day, this may have been the Last of the Summer Rides. Maybe we should have organised our break at Hush Heath Winery!?  Thank you everyone. 35 miles, a little over 1,000 ft and 12.9 mph average.  

  • 23/09/2017 19:14 | Anonymous member

    Report to be on D group rides 

  • 23/09/2017 18:32 | Anonymous member

    Kevyn led 8 riders on what turned out to to be an eventful ride to Cliffe Leaving Snodland the group were stopped using Ladds Lane due to the dreadful fire at Holborough. Undaunted they continued via Lower Halling where they were met by a group laying pennies on the pavement for charity. A generous donation made by one of our members saw us on our way via Upper Halling, Cuxton and Bush Road to Cobham then through to Higham before our stop at The Cliffe Cafe Bush Road.. The ride back roughly mirrored the way out except Tony on his brand new bike managed a puncture. Then in true American hospitality the group now 7 were invited to Kevyns for lunch which included Possum Soup followed by chocolate, the group were relieved to know you didn't dip your chocolate in the soup !!!!! Kevyn then showed the group the amazing amount of artefacts she has collected on her travels before a lecture on the coffee bean. Having listened Tony decided that would be the last freeze dried instant decaf coffee he would buy from Lidl. After lunch the group continued there ride. There are winners and losers in this world, the winners were Tony and Sarah who becoming detached from the group  took Vicarage Road down to Lower Halling the Losers Kevyn and the rest of the group who tried Ladds Lane again only to find it still blocked. Sorry for long report a lot to cover. Distance 36 miles Average Speed 12.5 mph





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