Reports submitted by the D+ Group ride leaders. 

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  • 24/07/2016 08:26 | Anonymous member

    Thankyou Brian Kavanagh for stepping in at the last moment to lead the ride from Headcorn.,on a hot morning.With a total of 6 riders they set off to Yalding.Out through Marden and up Yew Tree Hill to the viewing area,before the flat again of Laddingford to the Teapot cafe.with temperatures really climbing,Brian set off again,over Yalding bridge to Hunton ,before crossing the A229 and Church Hill to Staplehurst and finish.A total of 32.5 miles at a good 13.3 mph average,with over 700 feet climbing.

    Thanks again Brian

  • 16/07/2016 16:15 | Anonymous member

    Russell was due to lead,but had to drop out,however,he sent the strava route to Darren,who graciously volunteered from Aylesford.A large congregation at the car park,but only a total of 7 elected to go with him.In glorious sunshine,Darren took the group out to Eccles and Burham,up to Borstal,and Rochester then Strood,before continuing out to Cliffe.Going then on quiet lanes and lovely countryside to Higham,before the puff to Shorne Country park.Sitting outside was delightful,but inevitably the ride  had to carry on,and still following Russell's strava route,Darren led to Cobham ,Sole Street  and Meopham,before the last climb of the day to Harvel,then the lovely descent of Holly Hill.Darren had to peel off there,so Richard guided the riders back to Aylesford through housing estates.Unfortunately,outside Aylesford railway station,they came across a road accident,where a female pedestrian had been struck by a car,hitting the windscreen.!but the teenager was conscious and being tended to.A distance of 38 miles at about 11.5 mph average.Well done to Rebecca,Jo and Sarah Burgess for 'stepping up'and doing well.

  • 12/07/2016 13:47 | Anonymous member

    Thankyou to Richard Byatt for leading a lovely ride from West Malling, out to The Fountain pub at Cowden.A new area for most of the 14 in the group.Pretty undulating in parts,especially in the Weald area,but very picturesque.A distance of 51 miles at about 13 mph.

    Thanks again Richard.

  • 03/07/2016 16:16 | Anonymous member

    Seven joined me from Barming,and with the sun initially shining,we headed off to Grays cafe at Brenchley.A few climbs and descents on route,via Tovil and upto Coxheath,then nicely down Hunton hill onto the flat,before going back up Castle hill to Brenchley.At the viewing site,we saw that the metal plaque showing distances to various places had been removed,nicked we supposed,which was quite sad,as it was a lovely visual object.When we got to the cafe,the skies opened,but was starting to dry up again as we left.Unfortunately,by the time we had reached Wateringbury,the rain came down far worse,and despite sheltering for a while,we just had to eventually get on with it,and travelled through deep puddles,totally soaked back to Barming.doing about 33 miles

  • 27/06/2016 15:13 | Anonymous member

    party on 6 of us headed out from snodland on my first lead. I decided to bring my tourer so I could carry plenty of spares as a wanting to impress as first time  leader should :).

    route took us out along A229(guys on the lightweight bikes did not fancy path through Leybourne lakes) through new Hythe to Aylesford, we then headed up through Eccles and down to motorway crossing through Wouldham. Once over bridge we headed down into outer Strood then up to Higham, Shorne  then through Cobham to break at Camer Park. once filled up we headed out through Longfield hill to Stansted and back through Trottiscliffe, Birling and Ryarsh and back to Snodland.(guys turned down the extra loop through Wrotham). totals 38.26 miles, 12.63 avg speed and total climbing of 654Mtrs.

  • 27/06/2016 12:16 | Anonymous member

    Thankyou Mike Lambourne for offering to lead from Marden,but with only Tony Munn with him,possibly due to several regulars going on an away day French trip,Mike and Tony went with the D group for a joint ride to Headcorn airfield,which turned out to be a very nice ride of 28 miles.


  • 20/06/2016 17:19 | Anonymous member

    Thankyou Darren for taking your first lead,with a group of 6 from Snodland.You promised a hilly ride out to Camer Park at Sole Street,and the feed back from Brian and Ray confirmed this subsequently.Poor young Spencer had leg cramps,but valiantly carried on with his Dad Andy and friend Simon.A good cafe stop and distance of 38 miles.


  • 11/06/2016 16:51 | Anonymous member

    Richard led a group of 8,including Darren who had rode in all the way from Snodland,Kevin,Karlene,Ray,Brian,with Andy a very occasional rider and his friend Simon from Maldon CC Essex.Both on their very lightweight carbon bikes.As the route out from Harrietsham to Wye was pretty flat and country laned,the pace was good. Via Pilgrims Way,Westwell an d Boughton Aluph.The break at the Wye cafe was ok.The return ride was a lot longer,bypassing  South Ashford to Kingnorth and Pluckley.Darren was feeling the strain by this time,but got his second wind before the end.A distance of 41.5 miles at 14.3 mph average.

  • 04/06/2016 16:33 | Anonymous member

    should have mentioned that it was a Wrotham start

  • 04/06/2016 16:21 | Anonymous member
    Thankyou Richard B for a lovely ride to Westerham,31.7 miles at about 13 mph,depending on whose Garmin you chose.No incidents or punctures ,so all good with 7 riders,and actually staying dry!.
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