The Magnificent Seven's gusty ride - Paddock Wood to Biddenden 26/10/19

27/10/2019 20:48 | Anonymous member

The Magnificent Seven – six lovely ladies (?!) and a very brave Adrian – set off from Paddock Wood to Biddenden with a stop at the very posh Bloomsbury Café – with Sarah BV as ride leader.  We were honoured to have 2 racing snakes from the B+ group with us in the form of Adrian and Anita.  The regular D+ people were wondering if they’d be able to keep up with both the pace and the banter, especially when Adrian fell off his bike in the first 2 miles (evil grin!). A few stops were needed en route to disrobe as it was far milder than everyone expected.  Even SBV’s new neon pink overshoes proved too warm once the hills were underway.  Everyone bravely tackled 1,300 feet of hills in the first 12 miles and then chilled for the remaining miles, which were refreshingly flat.  In the final 20 miles, however,  the weather changed for the worse and the Magnificent Seven were blown all over Kent in winds far worse than the iPhone’s weather prediction of “a light breeze”.  36 miles. 1,677 feet. Average speed 13.6 mph.  No ‘bicycle injuries’ (we don’t use the 'P' word on our rides!).


  • 28/10/2019 10:20 | Anonymous member
    Great report,Sarah. So pleased that it went so well, reads as a lovely ride. Thankyou so much for really stepping up in your obvious leadership skills. Sure to be carried on in the coming months with your volunteering future leads
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