D+ Ride Report Saturday 13 April

17/04/2019 17:20 | Anonymous member

Seven D plusses met in Aylesford on a cold Saturday;

Only five degrees and the threat of hail not far away!

John C. led out towards Ditton and as usual crossed the A20, where

Alison was knocked off by a pedestrian crossing without due care!

Thankfully, no damage was done to walker, rider or bike but, “Is this a record?" I hear you say;

An accident within ten minutes of a ride getting underway?

However, no other incidents occurred and the group rejoiced in the total absence of pain;

Whilst riding, nay flying, along Butcher’s Hill and Matthew’s Lane.

Because, you’ve guessed it, we were riding them both DOWN hill!

Afterwards we congratulated John on his route-planning skill!

(Luckily we weren’t following Inci’s ‘Ride with GPS’ route downloaded that day;

Because it kept insisting that she cycle the route in the opposite way)!

However, our joy was short-lived. After Dunk’s Green, Long Mill Lane loomed, a hill to remember;

But Sarah B.-V. had erased it from her memory, having climbed it in icy December.

However, we all pedalled up it fast, especially Colin, at least that’s what we reckoned;

Probably because hunger was setting in and a warm café stop beckoned.

On the way to Crouch a couple of horses and Ray’s chain delayed us somewhat;

But in a short while we reached Spadeworks at Offham, where they still serve tea in a pot!

The food was good and the service fast. We had a lovely break and plenty to say;

But after 40 minutes a photo was taken and then John led us on our way!

And, Quelle Surprise! Whom should we see in Addington but our friends, the Ds!

Although we only had time for a quick wave whilst pedalling fast in the strong breeze;

The sun was now out, as were the blossoms and flowers;

Kent looked amazing and we could have ridden for hours!

The last leg (after Ryarsh and Birling, where John, accidentally(!) almost gave Inci the slip);

Took us over Peter’s Bridge then down into the dip;

And back up the other side, into the wind and UP hill! What’s that all about?!

Then when the cycle path ended an inpatient driver nearly took some of us out!

However, the final mile saw us riding over Aylesford’s medieval bridge, what a lovely river scene;

And we arrived back at about 1. 40 p.m. happy that we had been such a good team.

Our statistics show that we rode within D+ rules, so SFA coordinators should be all smiles:

An average of 12.2 mph, 1,743 ft elevation over a distance of 31 miles.



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