It all started so well ...

06/04/2019 22:41 | Anonymous member

With all the climbing before our break at The Bell and Jorrocks in Frittenden, we got off to a great start,  huffing and puffing up and down from Paddock Wood to Brenchley, skirting Goudhurst with a final push past the prison to Frittenden.  Our only mishap was a couple of crazy dogs trying to get Richard off his bike and Andy's puncture.  The return ride was 'undulating flatly'. Easy. Or so I thought.  In the last ten miles we met two tractors, and a carriage being pulled by a horse that spooked. Richard and Kevyn came to the driver's rescue which resulted in them losing us and taking a wrong turn.  Tony went to look for them and when he didn't return, Jo went to look for Tony but came back empty handed. Somewhere along the line the B+ group gained a rider,  and the other two turned up before us in Paddock Wood.  How did that happen?!  All good spirits,  thank you everyone.  37 miles at 12.4 mph and 1700ft


  • 07/04/2019 08:11 | Anonymous member
    Thanks Rachel,these things happen and all part of what was a lovely well planned ride. Being at the front or the back yesterday was like being in two different places,as you were past everything before it happened. The incident with the gypsy horse and trap being an example.Whilst the majority got past safely,the pony got spooked and started to shy and cross the road with the driver having to hang on to the reins with one hand and an infant with the other,all the time shouting obscenities at us. He then lost his mobile phone out of his builders bum back pocket which crashed onto the road,and Kevyn being public spirited stopped and retrieved the phone and tried to calm the driver down.By which time everyone had disappeared.Fortunately it was not a problem,other than not being able to contact the group as phones going to voicemail,as I knew the route back. Anyway, all good in the end,and Thankyou for your efforts xx
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