Another lung busting Russell ride to Brogdale. 9/3/19

09/03/2019 17:09 | Anonymous member

 A really blustery morning,didn’t deter a group of 10 joining Russell, at Lenham knowing that it was going to be a lumpy,challenging ride to Brogdale.With the wind assisting ,Russell led his flock firstly up Hubbard’s Hill before some lovely descents to Newnham.Continuing on undulating narrow lanes in the Lewson Street area,a local parish nerd roared towards the group and everyone had to scuttle quickly into the hedgerows so as  not to be used as skittles.However,carrying on,Russ took many loops bypassing Faversham and a very steep Coxetts Hill,where Sarah B.V. came out of her clips and feminally landed in the vergeside mud,but fortunately with only hurt pride.It was quickly onto the break at Brogdale,where Russ had reserved in big circular table accomodating all the group. The return,and inevitably everyone knew that the strong wind was going to be against virtually all the way back,and it was a steady rise to get to the top of the downs at Stalisfield Green,before a welcome relief descending Hart Hill,and crossing the A20 to Charing Heath and the final section back to Lenham.A distance of 31 miles at 12 mph and about 2000ft ascents,depending on whose Garmin was accepted.A much longer ride for Andy T.V who rode both ways from Ditton and wanted to get even more hills in!Great ride Russ,Thankyou.


  • 09/03/2019 21:24 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Thanks for the write up Richard. Not surprisingly Coxett Hill on Strava has been labelled The Little Killer with my Garmin peaking at 17%.
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