Second Memorial ride in the sunshine 17/11/18

17/11/2018 18:37 | Anonymous member

For a second week,Tony Munn arranged a Memorial ride for the D Group starts that were not done last week.On a glorious sunny morning he led and was joined by a group of 14 from East Malling. It was immediately across the road to the Memorial where Allan paid the first tribute followed by a 2 minute silence.With the M20 being shut it was quite noisy nearby with heavy traffic . Tony then started the ride going out to Barming,via North Pole Road ,along with many vehicles congesting it as a cut through. Richard did a very impromptu tribute and as at all the Memorials,a Poppy Cross was laid. From there it was off road a bit,avoiding Hermitage  Lane,and Chris Daly took the paths behind the hospital to Allington,and on to Aylesford Church. Allan,this time sang  beautifully a couple of verses from “The Green Fields of France”. Very moving. The ride carried on through Eccles and over Peters Bridge to the large cemetery  at Snodland ,with multiple surnames on the Memorial,and Tony read the poem from Flanders Fields.With the sun shining bright ,everyone realised how lucky they are nowadays .However stomachs were rumbling,so the Jungle cafe at Addington was a welcomed and refreshing break. The last Memorial to be visited was at Wrotham,and on going through Borough Green,it was hellos to the B+ Group going the opposite way..Tony did the final tribute and informed the Group that over the 2 Rides,£102.70had been raised which he would send to the British Legion.From there it was back to East Malling via the Pilgrims Way and villages. A distance of 36 miles at a steady 11.7 mph.


  • 17/11/2018 20:56 | Anonymous member
    Thanks once again Tony, a memorable ride. Thanks Richard for the reports for both rides.
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