D+ ride from East Malling to Cobham

18/08/2018 10:00 | Anonymous member

D+ Ride – East Malling to Cobham

A group of seven gathered at this popular start point location at East Malling.  Joining us today for the first time as a new club member was Julian Friel.  Richard, Allan, Tony, Peter, and Roger as expected made him feel welcome.

We headed out through the East Malling research centre onto Ditton and out towards Eccles via Aylesford village.  The going was very steady all keeping together picking up the pace to around and averaging around 16.8.  The pace was like this along the new road leading to Joseph’s village and onto Wouldham.  Once in Cuxton our average dropped considerably as we started to climb up towards Cobham up Warren and Cobhambury Roads. Despite a drop in pace due to the effort required the group was tight and supportive of each other all reaching the top in good shape.

Our café stop today was the Shorne Woods country Park, where it was lively and good food but staff were a bit ‘offish’

Our trip back was a fine blend of open roads with wonderful scenery to the gravel dark lanes of the county.  My navigation was to avoid the 25% climb of Lockyers Hill, but somehow we came across it!  But the team never moaned and took to the challenge and succeeded to climb be it with a few heavy breaths. 

The route back was past Vigo village, which included descending the Vigo hill, with a surface that was not in good shape. A lot of dangerous pot holes! From here it was along the Pilgrims Way to Trottiscliffe and Ryarsh.  And in the main was very much down and flat which made it such a pleasant ride back to East Malling.

The route was 35 miles at an average of 13.1 mph with 600m gain.


  • 20/08/2018 07:02 | Anonymous member
    Thankyou Brian for a great ride report.Very Pleased That the ride went well,and very challenging,especially Lockyers Hill.Makes Mont Venoux look tame ! I wondered why the D Group had such a big turnout.
    Thankyou for taking the lead
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  • 21/08/2018 09:05 | Anonymous member
    Thank you - nice ride and enjoyed the route and everyone's company.
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