A trip out to Grain 27/1/18

27/01/2018 16:02 | Anonymous member

A compact group of 6  Russell,Tony M, Brian K,Gary,and Ray for a ride that started from Gads Hill  Higham ,and with Richard leading headed off for a Grain stop,on a dry morning.With a mainly following wind,it was a pleasant run out through Cliffe and Cooling,and even the 3 bears hills up to High Halstow seemed okay..On arrival at Grain,there was a brief stop to look across the estuary for clear views of Southend,but hungry tummies soon ensured a visit to the Beach cafe.A really lovely stop.Getting back out again,it was immediately into a challenging wind,which lasted the entire remainder of the ride.The route went to Middle Stoke ,To recce a future cafe stop at the airfield  before heading to Hoo St Wurburgh,and   Chattenden,and the last little climb of Dillywood Lane to the finish,with the rain just starting.A distance of 32 miles at 12 mph average..

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