A very wet joint ride from Headcorn 20/1/18

20/01/2018 19:01 | Anonymous member

The Weather was really grotty,and only 4 turned up at Headcorn,so inevitably it was going to be a joint ride. C group who apparently are more resilient with about 10 also gathered there before their start. Brian set off with Rachel,Inci and Richard V in tow and headed off for a Yalding stop at Teapot Island cafe.Firstly going out on the flat and waving to Tony P and Chris M,the only riders on a B + route to Tenterden from Staplehurst,and then another hello when seeing a good turnout of Inters + shortly afterwards. Carrying on to Collier Street,where Kevin Griffiths from the Fast Inters came up from behind and joined all the way to Yalding for a chat.It was a relief  to get to the stop to dry and warm up,and meet up with Krissi and her group of 5 from the Easy riders + in the cafe on it’s first day of opening this year.All to soon however,the wet clobber was donned,and Brian threw in about looping back via Yalding Hill,( in preparation for Mont Venteoux later in the year.).Without too much consternation,and a chance to get warm, it became a worthwhile challenge.Thinking that it was plain cycling thereafter,on going down Westerland Hill,Inci got a puncture,which became a proper struggle,as it seemed that the Gator tyre was glued to the rim,and needed a penknife to prise them apart,and a real joint effort.So after getting really cold ,it was a relief again to pedal back to Headcorn via Rabbits Cross .A distance of 32 miles at 13 mph average,and thoroughly soaked.


  • 23/01/2018 21:36 | Anonymous member
    Thank you to Brian and Richard for sorting out my puncture which turned out to be the puncture of all punctures! It was horrendous. Also thank you to Rachel who cycled back to get her car in order to give me a lift back to Headcorn but luckily by that time we sorted out the puncture. Thank you, I couldn't have done it on my own!
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