Lumpy ride from Wrotham

02/12/2017 18:59 | Anonymous member

As there were only ten of us, Chris generously (everyone regretted this act of self-sacrifice by the end of the ride) handed over the D ride to the D+ ride. ‘Bee ride, not a D ride’ said Russell as a giant bumble bee tried to muscle in on the proceedings.  It turned out to be an A+ ride.  We climbed out of Ightham, cutting through Basted Mill to climb up to Crouch and along The Hurst, past Old Soar Manor.  In Dunks Green we continued across the Shipbourne crossroads  and began the climb past Ightham Mote.  The next climb took us to St Lawrence Church and across the A25 and minor undulations through Kemsing to Pondview Café in Otford.  Worse was to come …. Jonathan: ‘we’re not doing Rowdow?’.  Rachel: ‘but you took us up Rowdow, you love it’. J: ‘but that was just after I’d done The Alps!’  R: ‘On your bikes … ‘.  Up Rowdow and no complaints (maybe I was too far behind to hear them) and on to the next hill which I had completely overlooked.  Knatts Lane, 16%.  I was the only one to come to a standstill and fall sideways.  Well done Team, the reward was the descent on Exedown and back to Wrotham.  Due to a proactive rerouting to accommodate the D riders, we only did 25 miles.  And 2457 ft of climbs.  Oops. One day I must get the hang of Strava.


  • 02/12/2017 22:39 | Anonymous member
    Looks like I picked a really good day to be doing the matinee panto.( oh yes I did). You certainly picked a challenging ride Rachel,but sure that everyone was up for it.Well done and many thanks for your endeavours.
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