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Kevyn led 8 riders on what turned out to to be an eventful ride to Cliffe Leaving Snodland the group were stopped using Ladds Lane due to the dreadful fire at Holborough. Undaunted they continued via Lower Halling where they were met by a group laying pennies on the pavement for charity. A generous donation made by one of our members saw us on our way via Upper Halling, Cuxton and Bush Road to Cobham then through to Higham before our stop at The Cliffe Cafe Bush Road.. The ride back roughly mirrored the way out except Tony on his brand new bike managed a puncture. Then in true American hospitality the group now 7 were invited to Kevyns for lunch which included Possum Soup followed by chocolate, the group were relieved to know you didn't dip your chocolate in the soup !!!!! Kevyn then showed the group the amazing amount of artefacts she has collected on her travels before a lecture on the coffee bean. Having listened Tony decided that would be the last freeze dried instant decaf coffee he would buy from Lidl. After lunch the group continued there ride. There are winners and losers in this world, the winners were Tony and Sarah who becoming detached from the group  took Vicarage Road down to Lower Halling the Losers Kevyn and the rest of the group who tried Ladds Lane again only to find it still blocked. Sorry for long report a lot to cover. Distance 36 miles Average Speed 12.5 mph






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    Thankyou Tony for the report on an eventful and very enjoyable joint ride.Thank you Kevyn for leading and your hospitality afterwards.Enjoyed by all.
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