Russell leads again 12/8/17. from. Mote Park to Bredgar

12/08/2017 22:28 | Anonymous member

A really big gathering of Easyriders and D groups converged at Mote Park,to find the the parking charge had gone up by 100percent,also that a part had been cordoned off for a police incident.However,each group mustered their flock,and Russell led again for a second week(Thankyou Russ).He took the group out of the park,up to Otham and Kingswood and Platts Heath to Lenham. It was then up Stede Hill,over the North Downs to Wormshill  Bexon and the break at the Bredgar post office cafe.A nice sit out in the sunshine before the return journey.Russell continued the many undulations out towards Oad Street, and on narrow country lanes up to Hucking  encountering many motor cyclist going to a festival at the village pub. It was then on to the steep descent of Coldblow Lane and the Pilgrims Way to Detling,before arriving back at the park.A distance of 33 miles over 2000 feet ascents at about 13 mph average.Great ride Russell Thankyou.


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