A blustery ride from Aylesford to Gravesend

15/04/2017 16:00 | Anonymous member

Richard led a group of 11 from Aylesford,on a dry but blustery morning.Going out to Gravesend,the route took the group through Eccles,then over the new Peters bridge,to Upper Halling against challenging westerly winds. A bit of a delay back on the main road as two riders were missing.Darren went back,and discovered that they had taken a wrong turning.However,all reunited the ride continued along Bush Road to Luddenham,then upto Gold Street,and Sole Street,still battling into the wind to Longfield.A respite with a change of direction to Southfleet and the intended stop at the Millbrook garden centre.As bike storage was apparently non existent,the consensus was to carry on to Nells cafe.Firstly having to negotiate around all the cars waiting to get into the waste depot next door.The stop at Nells was very worthwhile with quick service and free second drinks.Out later ,wind assisted was a relief,going to Cobham,down Cobhambury hill,with Darren zooming off in front,then deciding to do his own ride to get extra miles in.Richard's group carried on over the M2 bridge,where Jonathan broke off.The last part continued wind assisted through Wouldham and Eccles to Aylesford.A distance of 37 miles at 13.5 mph average without incident


  • 17/04/2017 21:32 | Anonymous member
    Thanks Richard and for taking the brunt of the wind up front. Good to visit Nells for the first time - the new owners were definitely out to please
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