Joint D/D+ ride to Oakdene cafe from St Andrews Road Maidstone

01/01/2017 22:38 | Anonymous member

On the last day of the year, ten riders set off in foggy conditions  from St. Andrews Road, Maidstone. We headed westwards via  North Pole Road, at the end turned right , making a small circuit via Sweets Lane, before passing through East and West Malling, onto the A20, then on to Birling via Birling & Bull Road, turning left at the Nevil Bull pub heading towards Trottiscliffe, where we rode  a   mini circuit via Church & Pinesfield Lane. Weather improving, we headed via a stiff climb  towards and down Nepicar Lane , then on to the Oakdene cafe, for lunch.

 Heading south after lunch we worked our way towards  Windmill Lane, turning right at the end, now heading for Gover Hill, then right  down Matthews lane, along the A26 before turning into Stanford Lane, making our way to Seven Mile Lane , headed north until taking the climb of Old Church lane. We made our way to the A26 along picturesque lanes , we headed east to the base of the final climb of the day, Red Hill. Once ascended we took North Pole Road back to base.  The only incident was Sarah W's slow puncture less than a mile from base , temporarily dispatched with a lot of pumping.

We covered 31 miles, with a respectable 1900 feet of ascent.


  • 02/01/2017 12:03 | Anonymous member
    Thankyou Brian,for a lovely and in parts quite challenging ride.Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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