Away day joint D group ride

29/10/2016 23:38 | Anonymous member

A good turnout of 14 travelled to Biddenden for a longer away day ride.It didn't start off too well,with one rider hitting a car park barrier with the bike on the roof,but fortunately very little damage.A very dull morning,with Richard leading and going out via country lanes towards Tenterden where Alan got a puncture.Gary as always was on hand to assist.It has been suggested that  he put stickers on his crossbar,for successful missions,like fighter pilots in the last war!After an unintentional loop around Tenterden,the group carried on towards Woodchurch ,down to Appledore,then around the very quiet lanes to St Mary's in the Marsh,where the mobile phone sat nav' s came in very useful.Thanks Guys for your help.A nice ride along the esplanade from St Mary's Bay then to the stop at Dymchurch,where Jo found a lovely peaceful cafe,and lots of big plates of fish and chips were enjoyed.With time really getting on,the return leg was more direct via Newchurch,Bilsington and Ham Street(thanks Tony for your directional support),back to Tenterden and Biddenden,without incident. Distance of 52 miles at 12.5 mph average.


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