Reports submitted by the D+ Group ride leaders. 

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  • 25/01/2020 19:49 | Anonymous member

    It may have been a cold dull morning, but 18 riders turned up at Hothfield to help celebrate Russell’s special birthday ride to Dymchurch, including Lisa, Anita and Brian who cycled about 20 miles to get there. An uneventful route  thankfully that went out through the lanes past Stubbs Cross, where we said goodbye to Matt Gregory, then onto Aldington and the marsh, unusually without hardly any wind to Dymchurch. Due to our numbers ,we split into two cafe groups, but reassembled as Rachel had baked a cake and presented it to Russ with a firework type lit cake candle. It was quickly dispatched by all present.   All to soon it was out for the return, part of which was along the sea wall path from St Mary’s Bay to Littlestone, then to Ivychurch and another stop at The Rare Breeds Centre ,near Woodchurch. With time pressing on,some riders carried on leaving the rest to have a drink. From there it was a quick nip up to Shadoxhurst towards Great Chart and the finish,with those intrepid three riding home again. A ride distance of 43 miles at about 13 mph average. Great ride Russ, Thankyou.

  • 11/01/2020 15:57 | Anonymous member

    On a mild,dull but dry morning , a group of 8 joined Richard  on a looping route from Aylesford to Borough Green.  Starting off , going in the opposite direction to the bottom of Blue Bell Hill , then along the Pilgrims Way to the M2 bridge before returning through Wouldham and over  Peters Bridge before  Birling and Trottiscliffe to a new cafe stop at  Sweet Memories cafe in Borough Green.  On sitting down, the England cricket team would have been proud of Neal who knocked into a shelf with a lovely China cup on which fell, but  miraculously he managed to catch it before it hit the floor. Following a fairly lengthy stop, it was a quicker route back to Aylesford , via Crouch and West Malling with John C getting the only puncture of the day. A distance of 32 miles and 2050 ft ascents at a very average speed.


  • 05/01/2020 11:28 | Anonymous member

    A large group of 16 set off from Brenchley to Headcorn on a crisp cold but sunny day.  SBV was leading on her trusty steed, Rainbow, who was disappointed to note she was carrying an extra 5 lbs post-Christmas gorging!  Somewhat scarily, we had 3 of the B+ racing snakes with us, but they might come in useful with some pulling ropes on the bigger hills.  The ride was beautifully flat for the first 25 miles with all the hills being in the last 12 miles.  The first half of the ride was textbook – no incidents and all happy travellers.  Then the George & Dragon in Headcorn sadly let us down with 5 riders still unfed after 50 mins, having to make do with Tesco sandwiches or emergency Mars bars.  Neal also had a puncture.  So the group split up for the return journey.  SBV mostly led from the back in her usual style for the worst of the hills and then lost 7 of the troop in the last 2 miles who missed a hand signal (error duly noted, fear not!). All ended up at Brenchley unharmed though, hill challenges met and in good humour. 37.8 miles. 1,463 feet. 12.5 mph average.

  • 28/12/2019 17:01 | Anonymous member

    A crowded Barming meeting point, with 4 groups starting from there. Richard led the D + Group with a group of 14 on a dull but dry morning and headed off for a stop at Wetherspoons ,Tonbridge.  On reaching  Laddingford,Mick got a puncture,which on repairing promptly went down again, so Angie and him told the group to carry on and meet at the break ,which they did. Later on at Five Oak Green, a moron of a driver decided to keep stop starting in front of some of the group for no reason before gesticulating and roaring off. On arrival at The Humphrey Bean pub ,there was hardly a spare table to be found,such is the popularity of Wetherspoons,but they still managed to give good service.  The way back, and Richard led the group out to Poult Wood and quiet roads,before the climbs up to Kings Hill via Mereworth,where a spoke In Neal’s wheel twanged, but he was able to tie it up and continue  A bit of direct off roading  thereafter to the North Pole pub,and back to Barming. A distance of 37 miles at about 12.5 mph and 1640 ft ascents

  • 14/12/2019 16:00 | Anonymous member

    "Having been with the club for over 10 years, I had never been up Vigo hill, the advantage of leading a ride is that you choose the route."                  Mike lead an inspired group of 6 riders Andy, Ray, Matt, John, Bob and Colin, from Snodland towards Vigo hill on a dry blustery day. Warming up the muscles well, the first hitch - a puncture, 25 minutes later and feeling cold the ride continued. Another 2 miles another puncture another cold delay. There was just enough mileage left before Vigo to prepare, riding from the bottom without stopping the group ascended the hill and were rewarded with a sense of achievement and a flattish ride to Shorne Country Park arriving at 12.30. - 20 miles.  The ride back was via Cuxton, the M2 bridge, Wouldham and Snodland. Stats 30 miles, 1800 ft ascent, 12.5 mph, 2 punctures, Vigo Hill and 7 very satisfied riders. Thanks guys.

  • 07/12/2019 22:13 | Anonymous member

    Russell very kindly took over the lead at short notice,with a Lenham start and a group of 8 on a dry morning. .He soon got the legs pumping with Hubbard’s Hill,then onto quiet and often mucky lanes to Stalisfield and the top of Charing Hill and Challock,before the lovely descent of White Hill and into Wye.As usual the railway barrier was shut so everyone heaved their bikes over the bridge, through the ticket office before carrying on to the village. The next challenge was negotiating the new M20 roundabout  at junction 10A,and being given duff information by a workman re cycle path diversions. Having found the correct route however meant slurping through muddy tracks which thankfully led onto a very quiet alternative roads and eventually carrying on to the Environmental cafe at Singleton, The service was very efficient,so the break was quite short. Having already done 24 miles, Russell promised a shorter return,which was uneventful getting back to Lenham via Great Chart and Pluckley. A distance of 39 miles at 12.5 mph average and about 2100 ft ascents. Thankyou as always Russell.

  • 30/11/2019 19:16 | Anonymous member

    Six riders lead by Mike set off from Wrotham on a hilly ride to the Coolings Garden Centre near Pratt's Bottom. It was a cold crisp day as the group left from Wrotham, along the Pilgrims Way, turning right before Otford Manor and ascending the 14% hill towards Eynsford.  At Eynsford passing the ford on to Crockenhill, Kevingtown, Chelsfield and Pratt's Bottom.    Climbing Rushmore Hill a herd of deer (12) crossed the road in front of us an amazing sight, and the highlight of the ride!   Arthur's a new café at the Coolings did not disappoint despite being extremely busy the food arrived in good time and to an excellent standard, we would give it a good recommendation for the future, and we will be back!  The return was via Halsted, Shoreham, Otford, Kemsing and Wrotham.  A total of 32 miles average speed 12 mph 2025 ft ascents.. 

  • 23/11/2019 20:27 | Anonymous member

    A very dull November morning at Marden, but Neal Welch still gathered in a group of 10 to join him for his lead. A long outward bound journey of 26 miles took them to the break at Headcorn Aerodrome after  some challenging lumps around Brenchley, Horsmonden and Curtisen Green, before  the flatter lanes beyond  Staplehurst and Frittenden. The cafe was very quiet,even though the B group were already there. With rain starting a bit more, Neal maintained a more gentle route along really quiet country lanes ,often quite mucky through Rabbits Cross and Stilebridge back to Marden, which was never quiet with Inci and Sarah B.V ,but  remarkably without any punctures. A distance of 37.3 miles at 13 mph average and 1512 ft ascents..Brigitte however broke that duck when riding alone back to West Malling,but managed admirably to fix it.

  • 09/11/2019 22:32 | Anonymous member

    Colin Tony Russell Richard Paul Ince Anita Brigette Ray and Mike set off in fog from Mote Park at 10.10 - one rider was held up in the traffic! After navigating the Park, Colin had to drop out due to a puncture in his tubeless tyre, fluid problems? Once out of the Park, Bearsted Water Lane and the Pilgrims Way was the route to Hollingbourne Hill. Ray who was using his electric bike for the first time made excellent progress on the Hill until he pressed the wrong button and we were able to reel him in. The group made good progress to the top and were rewarded with warm sunshine.  It was the first climb of Hollingbourne  Hill for a number of the riders. The next section was down hill until the A2 with a stop at Oad Street for Ray's puncture, the first on his brand new electric bike. A large piece of flint had penetrated the tyre taking a little longer than usual to mend.  The group stopped at the Tuck Inn, Newington for a warm and refreshments, 21 miles. The route back was via Hartlip Farthing Corner, Bredhurst, Boxley, Detling, Weavering Street and Mote Park. The Stats - Made it back before the rain, 31 miles, ascending 2050 ft., 11.5 mph, 2 punctures and 9 happy riders!

  • 03/11/2019 13:48 | Anonymous member

    With very strong winds and downpours of rain, Tony the leader was the only one to turn up at Yalding for his noon ride( most wanted to watch the England v South Africa rugby World Cup final,and probably wished they hadn’t) so the ride did not go ahead.

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