Reports submitted by the D Group ride leaders. 

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  • 06/01/2018 17:58 | Anonymous member

    A lot more than figgy pudding slowing up this ride!  Please can we introduce a new SFA rule?  When overtaking Your Leader, you are obliged to huff and puff and at least pretend it's hard work!!  Not that it happened that often or course .... good job we love the Irish.  So we set off from Brenchley via the flat plains of Marden, Staplehurst, Frittenden and on to Cranbrook and Hartley Cafe where we pipped another large cycling group at the post and had a very satisfactory break.  We returned via Goudhurst and wended our undulating way back to Brenchley, thanks to our Human Satnav, Mr Valentine. Rumour has it that he 'lost signal' last week but he certainly redeemed himself today, thank you.  We welcomed a new member, Anthony and we hope to see you again!  Happy New Year All.

  • 30/12/2017 19:24 | Anonymous member


    A typical post Christmas ride, it was evident early on that a few riders had enjoyed more than their fair share of figgy pudding. 10 of us set off from Barming along North Pole, down Red Hill, through Wateringbury and Nettlestead to Yalding. From here pleasant country lanes to Paddock Wood. Refreshed we headed out towards Matfield and wound our way back to Yalding, up Kenward Hill, finally crossing Kettlebridge and up the hill to the Bull Pub. An enjoyable ride of 28 miles at an average of 13.5mph. Leader Chris Moon

  • 12/12/2017 12:33 | Anonymous member

    The ground was still icy when we left Dickley Lane car park but the sun was shining brightly in a cold, blue sky. John Caves led our group of five up Stede Hill but Inci’s and Sarah’s fingers and toes were still frozen when we reached the top, despite multiple layers. We paused to enjoy a clear view of the Thames and Medway estuaries, the island and the countryside beneath us. We cycled through Tunstall and laboured up Stocker’s Hill where John Blakeley and Roger led us to the top. Waving to the cyclists enjoying breakfast in the sunshine on Rodmersham Green, we sped past them towards Bapchild. Once over the A2 we continued our almost traffic-free ride along the Lower Road, through Teynham and then took a right turn down Four Oaks Road. We zig-zagged along narrow lanes, tackled the sharp incline of Coxett Hill (too roughly tarmac’ed for hybrid tyres), passed the ancient church on Water Lane and doubled back along Vicarage Lane to reach Brogdale Farm. We were promptly served in the cafe but the leader decided against the free cider-tastings (John C. told Sarah to focus) and tempted us back into the cold for the climb up to Painter’s Forstal. We then enjoyed a slog into a headwind up the steady incline to Eastling and Warren Street to reach the top of Hubbard’s Hill, before whizzing down through Lenham and back to the car park. 31 miles; 1,215 ft elevation; 11 m.p.h. average speed.

  • 03/12/2017 12:57 | Anonymous member

    please see Rachel’s report on D+ Group for the joint ride

  • 18/11/2017 18:37 | Anonymous member

     Tony Munn led five riders in what can best be described as a challenging D ride. Leaving Ditton the group headed out through Aylesford up through Eccles and down to St Peters Village before crossing over the new bridge and climbing to Upper Halling. It was then that Darren Lloyd decided to go across country and it was agreed the rest of the group race Darren to Dode Church taking the traditional route. A big mistake as Tony thought Dode Church was Luddestone Church (an age problem) so the meeting up failed. The group continue up to Harvel before the  decent down Holly Hill and into the rain. Cycling through Biring and Ryarsh saw us arrive at the Jungle Cafe Addington at the same time as Darren( phew !!!!.)  The short cycle route  back saw us return  via Wrotham Heath, Offham and East and West Malling.  Distance 31 miles Average Speed 12 mph 1890 ft of climb.

  • 12/11/2017 17:15 | Anonymous member

    First of all a big thank you to the nine other riders who joined me for the D Group ride to Lenham on what could have been a very wet ride. Luckily the rain held off, although we did encounter a number of very wet roads.  This was my first time leading a D Group ride and it was a very useful learning experience for me being ‘up-front’!   I would like to thank both Chris and Mike for their words of advice and encouragement during the ride.

    We left Mote Park just after 10am and headed through Downswood, Langley Heath, Kingswood and Platts Heath before taking a short journey on the A20 to Lenham. Unfortunately we arrived twenty minutes before closing at the Church and cake supplies were running low!

    The coffee stop was quite quick and once Mike had made some repairs to his bike we headed off via a number of country lanes and crossed the A20 at Harrietsham and eventually turned onto the Pilgrims Way at Hollingbourne. We followed a very wet Pilgrims Way until reaching Detling, where we then headed in the direction of Mote Park.

    So following the ride I have an increased respect for Group Leaders.  Oh and I promise to do better with the coffee stop next time!

    We covered a distance of 28 miles at an average speed of about 11.5mph.

    John Blakeley

  • 04/11/2017 16:45 | Anonymous member

    Despite the disappointing weather forecast 8 of us, 6 ladies & 2 men (including Sarah, Donna and Angie who were either joining us for the first or  second time) set off from the station. We headed towards Laddingford, then Claygate, Marden Thorn and followed the windy roads and got to Wilden Park Road when it started to drizzle. However by the time we had climbed Husheath Hill it had stopped! It stayed dry then until we'd nearly reached the A229 where we turned left and cycled towards Staplehurst village and stopped at 'Helen's Cafe' for lunch having cycled 15 miles. Just before 12.30 we continued the ride taking the Headcorn Road towards Hawkenbury and then turned off and followed the country lanes until we joined the A229 very briefly. At the bottom of Linton Hill we headed off along Redwall Lane towards Hunton and soon reached Yalding high street via Vicarage Lane. We arrived safely back without getting wet having completed 29.5 miles at an average speed of 12.4.

  • 28/10/2017 16:03 | Anonymous member

    Only a group of 4 joined Mike on his lead from Brenchley,with the majority going with the D+ riders.The morning started off quite chilly but thankfully sunny and dry. Mike quickly realised that gloved fingers and pressing a Garmin screen does’nt work too well,so after a short distance it was an about turn.Undaunted Mike took his flock down the lovely descent of Pearsons Green Road,but only to chug up it again homeward bound. It was then onto the flat lanes,with Mike charging ahead to Claygate and Marden Thorn before arriving at Frankies cafe near Staplehurst.A very sociable,but not cheap stop,On leaving It was a quick about turn again,with a rider ( no names) suggesting that Mike should lead 50 ft in front of the pack,but his response was to jokingly query if that person had even served in the Diplomatic office! Another route of very quiet lanes awaited going to Wanshurst Green  and Milebush,then bypassing Marden and back to Claygate and up that hill I mentioned earlier ,and then stopping at the viewing site  overlooking the Downs.Really good to see that the brass? plate has been reinstated ,and hope that it is not stolen like the last one.Our leader then took his group home.A distance of 28 miles at about 12.5 mph average.

    PS Mike has said that this may be his last D Group lead,as he feels he is more comfortable with the Easy+ Group.Don’t you believe it.

    Thanks Mike lovely ride even with the gloved fingers V the Garmin screen.



  • 22/10/2017 15:19 | Anonymous member

    Mike Lambourne and Mike Griffiths shared a joint ride from Headcorn,with only a group of 8 turning up.After about 13 miles,unfortunately Mike L came a cropper down a dip beside the road,which took Sarah Weeks and Graham Gale .with him.All were pretty sore with cuts and grazes.At the time,they were only a couple of miles out of Headcorn,on a looping ride,so Chris Moon cycled off to his car,and returned to convey Sarah to the cafe stop ,beside Sainsbury' in Headcorn High Street.Graham wishes to thank the cafe for their help in providing ice packs.The ride was terminated thereafter,just going back the short distance to the start..Fortunately all are ok,and hopefully the aches and cuts will clear up quickly.

  • 15/10/2017 09:16 | Anonymous member

    please see Chris Moon' s report from Mote Park to Headcorn on the D group forum

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