Reports submitted by the D Group ride leaders. 

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  • 30/06/2018 15:08 | Anonymous member

    With several of the riders doing the Audax 100 the next day,a shorter than normal ride was on order.Richard led with a group of 9 from Barming,and headed off through the Kings Hill estate to Offham and the break at Borough Green cafe,by which time  it was really hotting up,but sitting out in their partially shaded garden was pleasant and good value.Keeping to the steady ride pace,the return was uneventful,going back to Offham and West Malling where the group met up with Jo and her 3 D+ riders  and both groups cycled along chatting merrily all the way  through North Pole woods road to the finish.   A distance of 27.5 miles at about 12 mph average


  • 16/06/2018 16:33 | Anonymous member

    Four riders decided to join Gary for his D ride to Sal & Al's Café (formally Nev's) on the Medway City Estate in Strood. This included two new riders to the group, moving up from the Easyriders, Paul and Nigel.  Riding out through Snodland to Birling, down Birling Road over the M20, across to Park Road and a right through Leybourne up to the junction with the A20.  Then over onto the cycle path towards Kings Hill for a short distance to pick up the path left onto the road to East Malling and through the Research Centre with a strong headwind most of the way.  A fast run down Kiln Barn Road to the lights and across to Aylesford old bridge. Left up the High Street and Bull Lane through Eccles, then left on the Pilgrims Way through Burham and the fast descent to the junction under the M2 bridge.  A short climb up before the descent down Shorts Way into Rochester.  Then over the bridge and right into Canal Road to pass the Russian Sub onto the Medway City Estate to Sal & Al's Café.  Excellent value as always and good quick service.  Distance to Café 18 miles, so only 8 back.  Route retraced back over Rochester Bridge and up Boley Hill (High Street closed to traffic and group decided not to walk through).  Along St Margaret's Street, Borstal and through Wouldham to take St Peter's Bridge back over the Medway and through Snodland to Brooklands. Both Paul and Nigel enjoyed the ride and pace and look forward to joining the group for future rides. Total distance 26 miles at 12.9 mph

  • 11/06/2018 14:34 | Anonymous member

    John Blakeley reported that he led a group of six from Lenham. The three Johns’ on the ride were joined by Sarah, Neal and Anthony.  Early on in the ride Anthony suggested a detour through a new housing estate at Lenham but John B thought this might confuse the bike sat nav, not to mention also confusing himself!
    The route through Ulcombe, Hawkenbury, Lashenden to the coffee stop at Headcorn Aerodrome followed many pleasant and quiet country lanes.  Leaving the aerodrome the route continued via Headcorn, Egerton and Lenham Heath back to the start point.  On what was a mostly sunny day the group enjoyed the generally quiet country lanes and the slight incline here and there.
    On arriving back at Lenham it was realized by John B that the average speed of the ride was 13mph and he apologized for exceeding the guidelines.
    A distance of 30 miles, average speed 13mph and elevation 1139ft.

  • 06/06/2018 11:48 | Anonymous member

    Two ways to take the title, but by the end of our breakfast, I know how most of us felt.  Note to self:  always phone the cafe beforehand to check they’re not having their monthly Dachsund Reunion!

    Nine of us set off from Wrotham with Kevin and Tom joining us for a short way to offer some advice to the Mt Ventoux gang.  Having promised our second timer, Sarah that I would plan a ‘proper D ride’, I had to apologise for my inability to avoid hills from Wrotham.  Sarah put on a brave smile and got on her bike. Well she had returned to us after the previous week’s ride, clearly swayed by the excellent company … or maybe the hills.

    Out of Wrotham through Basted Mill and up to Comp and Offham, we braced ourselves for the climb up Birling Hill and along to Trosley Country Park, to find that Sarah was still talking to me.

    We ate our breakfast as fast as we could, accompanied by what can only be described as a relentless barking din from hundreds of dachsunds.  We were very glad to get out of there and on with our ride via Fairseat, Stansted, Ash and back to Wrotham via the downhill on Exedown, much to everyone’s relief.  27 miles and 2000 ft at 10.8 mph.  Mick and Angie announced my new nickname.  Rachill.

  • 30/05/2018 23:16 | Anonymous member

    A group of nine ladies (welcome to Sarah M, on her first D ride) and three chaps (felt like we gatecrashed a hen party), set off from Bell Lane Staplehurst, on what turned out to be a very hot day. We initially trundled off westwards, took a wrong turning that went unnoticed , but still ended up on the Maidstone Road SW of Marden. We stopped for a drink after ascending Yew Tree Green Road. The fast descent took us to Pearsons Green Road, after heading westwards for 3/4 of a mile , we took Willow Lane , and headed north through the lanes to our lunch stop at Teapot Island. Good fast service as usual. After the break we headed towards Yalding , ascending Kenward Road and the mucky Small Profits. We stuck to the ridge before a hairy descent of Westhill Road. We crossed A229 into Butt Green Lane , taking an assortment of wiggly lanes back towards Staplehurst, with a sprint to the lights. Back to Bell Lane with a distance covered of 31.2 miles at an average speed of 12.4 MPH

  • 22/05/2018 21:32 | Anonymous member

    A group of seven select women and four fine men set out from East Malling, with John in the lead and Sarah riding as back marker to avoid any losses (see D ride report 10 March).  We welcomed the friendly Deborah to her first SFA ride. The sun was shining, the wind was absent and the roads were quiet. What could possibly go wrong? Well, read on! We rode through West Malling, Ofham, Crouch and Dunk’s Green, past Poult Wood golf course and around some lovely lanes through East Peckaham to arrive at Brookside Garden Centre, Hadlow. We enjoyed prompt, friendly service, beating another group of cyclists to the front of the queue. We sipped our tea on the peaceful patio in the sunshine, feeling pleased that we had chosen cycling over watching Megan and Harry on TV! The route back was slightly more hilly, along Common Road, through Mereworth, up Butcher’s Hill and on to King’s Hill. That’s when Chris had serious words with his new bike and asked us to continue whilst he and Jane tried to coax his tyre back on to a tubeless rim. We took the cycle path along the A228, then a route via Pikey Lane back. Chris and Jane arrived safely a short while afterwards. Distance: 28 miles; average speed: 12.5 mph; discussion about tubeless tyres: endless.

  • 12/05/2018 15:32 | Anonymous member

    7 hand picked riders set off from Mote Park and cycled out through Boughton Monchelsea. Lovely views of the Weald flashed past as we flew down Weirton Hill, along verdant lanes to Frittenden and on to Headcorn Aerodrome for refreshments. After the break we headed out to Egerton, round to Boughton Malherbe. At the top of the hill one rider declared that his recent diet of "Fosters and Fags" might not be working. Through Kingswood to Langley and back into Mote Park via Downswood. 

    37 miles Average 13mph (further and faster than the D plus group )

  • 05/05/2018 21:30 | Anonymous member

    Eight of us set out from Yalding via Lughorse Lane, across to Chainhurst and round the back of Marden. There we found the Kent Wildlife Trust meadow where thousands of rare green veined orchids are allegedly in full bloom (tip off from a local).  What a beautiful sight, much appreciated by all. A rare treat that we could have just cycled past so easily without noticing.  We also saw the Chequer Tree, one of the last in Kent that is clearly struggling to survive (same tip off).  A lovely interval in our ride.

    Back in the saddle and over to Sheephurst sLane, (oops, it’s the G&T) across to Pearsons Green and on to Grays Café, Brenchley.  Despite the bowls match going on the café was empty and we were served very efficiently, particularly if your name was Sarah.

    After our breakfast we had a short climb to get to the top of Pixot Hill.  We flew down Pixot enjoying the spectacular views, down to Collier Street and on to Yalding via Vicarage Lane.

    After the ride for all stopped off for an ice cream at Teapot Island.  Dave turned to me and said ‘lucky those orchids were in flower Rachel’.  ‘No Dave’, I replied. ‘More judgement than luck’ and we all laughed out loud. 

  • 30/04/2018 21:20 | Anonymous member

    Mike led a group of 5,Inci,Paul Cook,John Caves and John Blakeley on a dull morning from Ditton Community Centre and headed to Knole Park,Sevenoaks.Out through West Malling ,Offham,Crouch and down Winfield Lane to Basted,and the very sharp Star Hill to the A227 across the Tonbridge Road,and all the lumps to Bitchets Green,and the St Julian’s entry of the park.A leisurely ride through,watching the deers(not the old dears) .and avoiding the golfers and admiring the House.The return was via the same undulating and challenging route .A distance of 29.1 miles at 10.6 mph.Mike would like to thank the Group for their support.

  • 27/04/2018 19:39 | Anonymous member

    A warm spring day and five of us set out towards Pluckley, but not going up the hill into the village. We all enjoyed the bluebells in the verges and lambs in the fields.  A lovely flat ride of 26 miles at an average speed of 12.5mph. We took our break at Bethersden garden centre where we received the usual great service. Then back along the lanes via Frittenden avoiding the potholes.

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