D Group ride from Barming to Knole

29/09/2018 18:22 | Anonymous member

Lots of Ds and D+s at Barming this morning and 5 of us set out to Knole. The weather was cool but sunny and we had a lovely ride out, through Kings Hill estate and on past Offham and Crouch to the major climb of the day up through Plaxtol to Ivy Hatch. Then on through beautiful woodland to the Knole Deer Park. Stopping for a photo next to a friendly deer we went on through the park to the house for a break in the sunshine on the terrace. John was the only one to sample the venison sausage baps; however the flapjacks and scones were also delicious and not "deer" (Dave's pun). Following another photo by four young bambis, who ran off, oh dear!, the return journey followed the same route as out. A cheer was exchanged with Richard's group who we passed going in the opposite direction near Crouch. Great ride and great company, 33 miles at 12.5mph. Total rise 1434ft. Route adapted from one by Mike Griffith, many thanks.


  • 29/09/2018 20:07 | Anonymous member
    Thankyou John and Sarah .So Pleased your ride was enjoyable and gave the legs quite a bit of exercise.
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