Mike Griffiths lead from Headcorn to Sissinghurst 21/7/18

21/07/2018 16:20 | Anonymous member

Mike said that he thought it would be his final lead/ ride with the D Group,but with a really nice group of 12 he dutifully set off from Headcorn with a planned route to Sissinghurst NT . He chose some lovely quiet lanes,firstly going north towards Ulcombe before changing direction and crossing the A274 onto Plumtree Road and Craddocks Lane to Frittenden and the stop at Sissinghurst.Sitting outside under an awning shaded from the hot sun was most pleasant. Mike continued the ride ,initially along the fairly busy A262,before turning off at the Three Chimneys Pub,thankfully returning to picturesque leafy lanes and again crossing the A 274 via Hareplain Road.He continued on past the Smarden Bell and Swifts Green before returning to Headcorn along the Lenham Road.A distance of 28 miles at about 13 mph average,without any problems. Thanks Mike,and hope you have a change of mind about staying with the D’s.


  • 21/07/2018 22:38 | Anonymous member
    Many thanks to Mike for a very enjoyable ride. I really hope that that at some point in the future we will once again see Mike leading a D Group ride.
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