Mad about Dachsunds, Trosley Country Park

06/06/2018 11:48 | Anonymous member

Two ways to take the title, but by the end of our breakfast, I know how most of us felt.  Note to self:  always phone the cafe beforehand to check they’re not having their monthly Dachsund Reunion!

Nine of us set off from Wrotham with Kevin and Tom joining us for a short way to offer some advice to the Mt Ventoux gang.  Having promised our second timer, Sarah that I would plan a ‘proper D ride’, I had to apologise for my inability to avoid hills from Wrotham.  Sarah put on a brave smile and got on her bike. Well she had returned to us after the previous week’s ride, clearly swayed by the excellent company … or maybe the hills.

Out of Wrotham through Basted Mill and up to Comp and Offham, we braced ourselves for the climb up Birling Hill and along to Trosley Country Park, to find that Sarah was still talking to me.

We ate our breakfast as fast as we could, accompanied by what can only be described as a relentless barking din from hundreds of dachsunds.  We were very glad to get out of there and on with our ride via Fairseat, Stansted, Ash and back to Wrotham via the downhill on Exedown, much to everyone’s relief.  27 miles and 2000 ft at 10.8 mph.  Mick and Angie announced my new nickname.  Rachill.


  • 11/06/2018 19:05 | Anonymous member
    Lol great report Rachill ..... don't worry I think they were calling Sarahill after the E+ ride I led on Saturday. Doing an early non SFA ride next Saturday as I have a friends BBQ in the afternoon but carch up with you soon.
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