D Group ride from Mote Park 10/2/18

10/02/2018 17:48 | Anonymous member

John Blakeley led the ride to Staplehurst on what started as a cold and sunny day.  The group of 6 left Mote Park and headed through Downswood, Boughton Monchelsea, Linton (south), Collier Street and Claygate.  There was a sigh of relief when, at Marden Beech, it was discovered that a road closure allowed easy access for cycles. On the way to the coffee stop at Staplehurst the weather changed to rain.

Having warmed up at the coffee stop, the group then headed through Hawkesbury before attempting the 11% gradient hill at Chart Sutton.  There was general agreement from the group that this would be a good ride to return to in the summer months. A distance of just under 30 miles at 11.8 mph average.


  • 10/02/2018 19:43 | Anonymous member
    Well done John,so pleased that your ride went well. and Thankyou for all your effort and support.I bet that the 4 effervescent ladies kept everyone’s spirits soaring.
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