Mike Griffith’s lead from Brenchley to Staplehurst. 28/10/17.

28/10/2017 16:03 | Anonymous member

Only a group of 4 joined Mike on his lead from Brenchley,with the majority going with the D+ riders.The morning started off quite chilly but thankfully sunny and dry. Mike quickly realised that gloved fingers and pressing a Garmin screen does’nt work too well,so after a short distance it was an about turn.Undaunted Mike took his flock down the lovely descent of Pearsons Green Road,but only to chug up it again homeward bound. It was then onto the flat lanes,with Mike charging ahead to Claygate and Marden Thorn before arriving at Frankies cafe near Staplehurst.A very sociable,but not cheap stop,On leaving It was a quick about turn again,with a rider ( no names) suggesting that Mike should lead 50 ft in front of the pack,but his response was to jokingly query if that person had even served in the Diplomatic office! Another route of very quiet lanes awaited going to Wanshurst Green  and Milebush,then bypassing Marden and back to Claygate and up that hill I mentioned earlier ,and then stopping at the viewing site  overlooking the Downs.Really good to see that the brass? plate has been reinstated ,and hope that it is not stolen like the last one.Our leader then took his group home.A distance of 28 miles at about 12.5 mph average.

PS Mike has said that this may be his last D Group lead,as he feels he is more comfortable with the Easy+ Group.Don’t you believe it.

Thanks Mike lovely ride even with the gloved fingers V the Garmin screen.



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