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By Philip Thorpe

The 9am Intermediates has always been a popular group and last summer we often had 28 riders out on our club runs.  This has occurred several times since I formed the Intermediates 12 years ago, and on each occasion we have split the group forming the 9am Inters, 10am Inters, Fast Inters and most recently the Inters+.  So again we are splitting the 9am Intermediates creating a faster and a slower group.  Our leaders enjoy leading smaller groups much more than large groups and this also has further benefits in terms of cafes, punctures, pace and traffic obstruction. 

The new groups will each have their own coordinator and rides start on 4th March 2017

The faster of the groups will be called the 9am Intermediates and the slower group will be the 9am Inbetweeners.

9am Intermediates  -  Coordinator Del Leslie 

The aim of the new 9am Inters will be to increase the riding pace to ride at something between current Inters pace and the Inters+ pace.  This will help the step from the current Inters (new Inbetweeners) into the Inters+. 

So the new 9am Inters pace will rise to average around 15-17mph and distance increase to 50-60 miles.

9am Inbetweeners  -  Coordinator Philip Thorpe 

The Inbetweeners will continue to ride much as the current 9am Inters are riding, not surprising as it will be formed from the slower half of the current Inters, and we always ride at the pace of the slowest.  The Inbetweeners is between the new Inters & B+. The group will be a good stepping stone up from the 10am B+ for those who want a longer ride.

Inbetweeners pace will be averaging 13-15 mph and distance 40-50 miles. 

Philip Thorpe


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