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  • 28/01/2020 13:59 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Recording Club Riders Names

    Under the rules of the club, there is a requirement to record the names of riders on all Club events, which includes Club rides, Audax, Reliability and Sportive.

    Under the Organisers‘ Liability Cover for Cycling UK Affiliated Bodies it states:

    “Riders are covered providing the ride/event is run in accordance with any guidelines issued and in particular that participants on rides/events are recorded either through collection of names or by completion of an entry form.”

    I understand that certain groups on club rides, Audax’s etc. do this already, but it is a policy that seems to have been abandoned in the last few years by others. It is however, already in our club rules as a requirement.

    In the SFA Club Handbook which all members have received, it states on page 17 §11:

    The approved Group Co-ordinators will be responsible for forwarding the names of those in attendance on each run to the Director of Recreation.  The Director of Recreation will provide a regular report to the Board.

    Whilst appreciating that it may appear somewhat onerous, it is essential if, as a club, we are to adhere to those terms and conditions.

    It is suggested that ride leaders obtain these details before the start if practicable or alternatively at the more relaxed break.  

    It would also provide an ideal opportunity to familiarise themselves in a welcoming way to new riders and ensure that they are members, or on taster-rides.

    Perhaps a very quick way to achieve this is to take a photograph at the start and record the names at the earliest convenient moment.

    There are no guidelines as to how this information is to be stored, but it is requested that group coordinators are given the details and keep by which ever means they deem suitable should it be subsequently required by the Insurance Company.

    This method would also seem an appropriate way of collating the number of rides a member does annually, if they wish to be considered for the Club’s Attendence Shield (see below).

    It is asked that,with effect from 1st of January 2020, that as a Club we adhere to these requirements.

    In the same paragraph in the Club Handbook, it also states:

    All members should be aware of the safety issues for the Club runs and act in accordance with the online document entitled “Rules and Etiquette for riding in groups”.  This document is to be given to all new members.  Prospective new members are welcome on Club runs but should be encouraged to join the Club after a maximum of three rides. A maximum of 10 new members can go on one club ride at a time, to align with insurance.

    This leaflet has also been sent to all members.

    Both the Club Handbook and the Rules and Etiquette leaflet can also be found on the website:

    Club Handbook: Click here

    Group Rules and Ettiquette leaflet: Click here

  • 17/12/2019 12:46 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Attendance Shield 2020

    The competition year for the Attendance Shield will be from 1st January until 31st December annually, in order that the prize may be awarded at the Birthday Lunch each March.

    In order to enter, club members will need to complete the spreadsheets being for Club Runs attended and Club Events at which they have assisted. 

    With regard to Club Runs, it will be necessary to nominate the day on which you intend to ride so if, for example,  you normally ride on a Saturday then you simply state Saturday and are free to ride with any Saturday group and this will be counted towards your score, provided that you start with the group and ride with them to the coffee break. Official Club Runs, as advertised in the Milestone and/or on the Club website, only to be eligible.

    Club Events are to comprise a wide range of club activities. On the competition side, all club organised events such as time trials, track racing, cyclocross and road racing plus audax and cyclo-sportive events to count. This will also include events organised by SFACC such as a round of the South Eastern Road Race League but also events that count towards club trophies and championships such as the Simon Mason Trophy. Social events are also included such as organising and assisting at the Birthday Lunch and making refreshments at club house evenings.  Without this support, events would not be run and there would be no refreshments for our members and competitors.

    If there is any doubt on the eligibility of an event or counting them, please feel free to contact me, but it is intended that there will always be a wide scope for members to gain points in the competition.

    The Club runs form for the Attendance Shield can be found here:

    The Events form for the Attendance Shield can be found here:

    Good luck everyone and let’s see who wins the trophy next year.

    Richard Valentine
    Club Runs Secretary

  • 08/07/2019 11:35 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Due to the shortening of this years nominated 25 mile Club Championship course on Sunday 7th July a new event has been nominated to ensure the competition is run over a full 25 mile course.

    Catford CC’s Time Trial on Sunday 25th August 2019 has been chosen as the new event. Please see the link below for more details: -

    Kind Regards

    Martin Foord
    Time Trial Secretary

  • 29/06/2019 13:25 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Breaking News Today
    New World Record

    Our reporter at the track side: Roly Crayford reports that Geoff Wiles has broken the Team Pursuit World Record by no less than 10 seconds, at the Geraint Thomas Velodrome, Newport.

    Geoffs Record Time was 2:37 (previously 2:47)

    Also, Barbara Wiles has also broken the National record and have scored 2 Gold medals for the Team.

    More info later.

  • 26/06/2019 10:03 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Time Trial Wednesday 26th June 2019

    Due to road works on the M20, we are having to move tonights Time Trial to the back up route: Q10/29 East Peckham and the start will be at 7.30 pm.

    Dean Chiddention

  • 14/06/2019 16:39 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With marshals stuck on trains at Hither Green, family members had to step in to enable the San Fairy Ann Club Time Trial to go ahead as planned at East Peckham on Wednesday evening.

    The rain stayed away, but sadly so did riders with only six people signing-on.
    The march of the women continued with an even split of the sexes, boosted by two lady visitors from 4T+ Velo.

    Abellio SFA RT’s Tom Rowing was the fastest over the ten mile course recording an impressive 00:21:10, showing a clean pair of heels to last week's winner, Dean Chiddention. 

    Special thanks are owed to Jenny & Alex Burton, Clare Boret and all the marshals whose contributions enabled the event to take place.

    Next week we will be returning to Charing with the first rider going off at 7.30 pm. Sign on from 6.30 pm in the car park of Lenham Community Centre.

  • 29/05/2019 10:52 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Prudential Ride London - Surrey 100
    Club Team Spaces
    Now Filled

    Sunday 4th August

    Start is by the Olympic Park in Stratford and 
    finishes by Buckingham Palace

    Start time depends but is between 6am and 9am on closed roads 
    around London and Surrey

    Urgent as applicants need to complete the registration process 
    by 5pm on Friday 31 May

    I know it is a bit short notice but due to people dropping out, I have the following spaces available for anyone who wants them:

    One team of 4 male riders (4 spaces available)

    One team of 4 mixed riders (2 male 2 female) (4 spaces available)

    One team of 4 male riders (1 space available to ride with 3 members of Inters+ group).

    I will give the spaces away on a first come first serve basis.  Applicants need to complete the registration process by 5pm on Friday 31 May.  Each rider must also be a member of British Cycling as their membership number will be required.

    Interested parties can email me on


    Ant Attwood

  • 27/05/2019 12:10 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    After a successful start to the season on our new Time Trial course at Charing we will be moving to East Peckham for the next two weeks, commencing Wednesday 29/05/2019.

    First rider goes off at 7.30 pm allowing more time to reach the event “headquarters” which will be located in Old Whetsted Road, approximately 100 metres south of the entrance to the Hop Farm.

    It has been really encouraging seeing lots of fresh faces tackling the undulating course at Charing and those riders are in for a treat next week as we swap the lumpy A20 for the pan-flat A228.  

    The “race of truth” is an opportunity to test yourself against the clock. How quickly can you cover 10 miles?

    Entry fee is £5.00 for SFA members and £6.00 for non-club members.

    Please contact Martin Foord for more details or 07734 354693

    Martin Foord
    Time Trial Secretary

  • 27/05/2019 11:51 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Promoted by Abellio SFA Race Team

    San Fairy Ann Summer Road Race

    Part of the LE COL/Arcadian LVRC Region 9 Series

    Sunday 14th July 2019

    On the testing Ladies Mile Circuit, East Sussex


    Groombridge Village Hall
    Station Road,
    Groombridge TN3 9QX
    East Sussex

    Cakes and refreshments available for purchase throughout the event

    Races programme as follows:

    09:00AB race  48 miles

    09:05EFGH race     32 miles

    13:00CD race44 miles

    Prizes for top 3 in each age category

    On-line entry only via RiderHQ

  • 25/03/2019 11:55 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SFACC 97th Birthday Lunch
    Saturday 23rd March 2019

    By: Jenny Burton, Chair

    Having had time to reflect on our day all together as a club, The consensus is it was a lively day full of friendship and conversation.

    I arrived early to set up tea and biscuits for the riders returning from Geoff Wiles’s president run. It was great to welcome about 60 members, and although they couldn’t all stay for the lunch it was a good opportunity for a chat and a drink together. Thanks to Carol for helping me with the refreshments.

    Helen and Ray Whibley, Geoff Hodgson, Lise, John Longbottom and Martin Foord were at the hall even earlier than me to arrange the lunch and prize presentation. Lots of hard work goes on behind the scenes to make the lunch an enjoyable one every year. The food was tasty and plentiful, all served up with lashings of tea. The caterers did us a delicious spread. 

    When I looked around the hall I noticed a whole cross section of the club members, all coming together to celebrate another year of the club’s existence and another year of superb racing achievements by our guys and girls in the Abellio racing team. We applauded the efforts of the racers, who achieved some incredible results in 2018. All genres of cycling are covered by our dedicated team of racing men and women, nationally and internationally. This places the San Fairy Ann profile up alongside some of the most successful racing teams. We’re so proud of our racing team who represent us.

    Helen worked her magic with raffle prizes from Easter eggs to vouchers generously donated by local cycling shops, to a superb new turbo trainer. The birthday cake was cut and enjoyed by all. Decorated with edible photos of some of our club-runs on the sides and a trophy placed on the top it was a fitting tribute to our 97 year history of club-runs and racing. 

    Thanks go to those who volunteered to wash up at the end, along with the team effort of clearing the tables away. Amazing that a job can be done quickly when people offer to help. 

    A very big thank you for everyone who attended, and to Helen who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the day a huge success.

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