Never Trust The Leader

19/08/2019 16:55 | Anonymous member

As last weeks ride was cancelled due to the inclement weather it was decided to have another go at the same route this week.  With the weather looking reasonable six of us (Paul G, Paul B, Del, Ralph, Phil and Dave) set off in good spirits heading for Silcocks Farm Shop, nr Tenterden.  With total faith and confidence in the ability of the leader no one else in the group had felt the need to load the route onto their “device” believing that it would just be a case of 'follow the leader'. However, it soon became clear that the groups confidence was misplaced as about three miles out we were off route – lost!   After some lively debate and recalculation we got back on route. Another couple of detours and a puncture, we eventually arrived at Silcocks.  After some good food and cheerful service, confidence was restored. However, the mornings disruptions seemed to leave the group a little disheartened as the return journey seemed to take forever. Two dropped off leaving the remaining four to finish at Marden somewhat relieved to be back .

58 miles and 2741 ft


  • 10/09/2019 09:06 | Anonymous member
    I think there was a lesson to be learnt from this ride. I believe that three of us had downloaded a route but as Silcots has been riden a few times in the past we'ed all downloaded a different route. What, as a club, we are floundering on is a clear and obvious titling method for the club 'Ride with GPS' usage. Still no harm done.
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