Amici ride 29th June 2019

29/06/2019 21:07 | Anonymous member

Leaving Marden with Dave King and Ralph Robinson, heading towards the Hawkhurst Fish Farm on the hottest day of the year. The heat must have got to me as Ralph had to shout out to me to turn left instead of straight on - obviously Ralph must have a better Wahoo than me! The heat didn't seem to slow Dave down on the hill climbs and it didn't affect Ralph and myself on the way down either!  We were glad to arrive at the Waterside Cafe and we were lucky enough to be given a table on the veranda. I was reluctant to leave and face the heat again.

It was an uneventful journey back apart from the occasional dodgy motorist, all was well until we got to Hartley Dyke Farmshop where I was struck down with double cramp. Ralph came to my rescue and I had to hang on to his shoulder with me pulling my legs back to try and relieve it. It must have provided a funny sight for the passing vehicles! Dave suggested a drink in the farmshop to restore our equilibrium and 3 green teas later we were back on the road to Marden. Ralph summed it up well 49 miles, 14.6 mph, 2679ft of climbing and VERY HOT!


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