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    Wanted, for hire or sale a child's hybrid or mountain bike suitable for our 11 year old grandson. He is coming with us to the New Forrest, in August, and we plan to ride the Forrest trails. If so please contact Ralph Robinson on 07845 169647.

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    VELO FORTE – 2019 GROUP RIDE STATISTICS 5/1/19 – 15/6/19

    Number of Group Rides

    Average Riders/Ride

    Total miles

    Average Miles/Ride

    Total Ascent

    Average Ascent/Ride

    Average Speed/Ride









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    A small and perfectly formed trio of riders set out from Marden amidst some lovely conditions.

    Highlights of the ride included a lovely wooded section, Horseshoes Lane near Bixley, and a superb stretch of tarmac just south of Udimore.

    The Cafe stop was at the Winchelsea Beach Cafe which was good value, quick service and definitely had a breakfast that Jimmy would be happy with! We were even joined for food by a lovely feathered guest!

    Ian suggested a minor tweak to the route heading away from the cafe to take advantage of a segment of the NCR that hugs the coast through the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, and heads inland along the banks of the Rother back towards Rye. A great choice and was a treat to sample a bit of sea air.

    Big turns were taken sitting on the front, I think Ian and I particular enjoyed tucking in when it was Chris' turn!

    All in all, a great day out - favourable conditions, good company and chat along the way.

    3 riders
    16.7mph average
    0 punctures


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    1. Our club has a number of very dedicated volunteers who turn  out every Wednesday evening, during the summer, to organise and marshal our club tens.
    2. The more riders that ride a Ten, the better the event.
    3. An Evening Ten is very social.  You meet riders from different groups.
    4. The marshals cheer you on!
    5. If you attend regularly, you will see your times improve; remarkably satisfying.
    6. You can learn better technique.
    7. You can ride as hard as you want.  You're racing against yourself.
    8. You can compare your time against others (If you want some friendly rivalry).

    What would you normally be doing on  a Wednesday evening?

    Why not give it a go?

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    Well done to Jo Hovenden and Chris Kennard, two stalwarts of Velo Forte, who along with just four other rider braved the likelihood of rain to ride in Wednesday evening's TT at East Peckam.

    Despite what appeared to be less than favourable weather conditions and spells of heavy traffic both riders managed good times.

    You never know, now you've set the standard, more Velo Forte riders might be going with you in future!

  • 10/06/2019 09:45 | Anonymous member

    Five of us set out from Marden just after 9am; myself (Jimmy), Jon Craig, Jo Hovenden, Chris Kennard and Ciaran Johnson.  The weather had been wet for the last couple of days so most of us brought wet weather gear just in case – I chose to ride my winter bike.

    We headed out of the Low Weald into a blustery headwind towards the first climb of the day, Castle Hill.  Then a rollercoaster ride after Matfield on some lovely new tarmac until we hit our second climb, Half Moon Lane, where we encountered Southborough and District Wheelers youth wing practising their cycling skills.  A fast run down the cycle path next to the A21 before another climb, Vauxhall Lane up to the A26.  We skirted Bidborough and on through Penshurst.  Jo had the first and only puncture of the day at the top of Smarts Hill.  Chris helped by pumping a spare inner tube up to beyond the circumference of a wheel.  It looked like a giant sausage – very amusing – but I think you had to be there to appreciate exactly how amusing it was!

    We descended into Chiddingstone at around the half way mark and I suggested we stop at the Tulip Café (we had been due to stop at Hilden Park Golf Centre).  Everyone acquiesced so we sat outside.  It wasn’t long before a few spots of rain hurried us inside. 

    After the food stop we set out again – the weather over the North Downs looked ominous and some of us donned our rain jackets.  As we approached the foot of Carters Hill (aka One Tree Hill) the heavens opened and there was a giant crash of thunder!  We spread out and ascended in sheets of rain.  The hill was awash with streams of water and winter detritus. The cars that passed us in the gloom must have cursed us and questioned our sanity in equal measure.  I was as close to getting off and walking as I have been in a long time.

    We reassembled at the top and set off again, a very bedraggled bunch.  The rain eased off but had left massive road-wide puddles on the North Downs which we pedalled through nervously.  Once we hit Plaxtol Jon peeled off home and we were now bathed in brilliant warming sunshine.  The roads looked like they were literally steaming – very photogenic.  But we didn’t take any pictures because we were motoring now, around the back of Hadlow, East Peckham and through Yalding.  Along Lughorse Lane which has been very recently tarmacked and down East Street.  Chris went into time trial mode at the Chainhurst bump and pulled away.  When Jo realised I wasn’t going to chase (because I couldn’t) it was too late.  She valiantly charged after him but Chris rolled into Marden first, closely followed by Jo, then me and then Ciaran.

    Jo’s stats were 54.09 miles, 3,032 feet at an average of 15.9 mph.

    A big thank you to Chris who let me follow his wheel all the way back to the foot of Barn Hill.

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    Ian Patrick led today's ride with 3 Veto Forte riders accompanied by a smattering of Inters+ guys.

    57 miles, Marden-Mayfield-Marden stopping at the Pink Cabbage Cafe. 3786ft of climbing with average speed of 15.8mph.

    Classy looking food!

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